What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of EBOOKS?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of EBOOKS?

In my article How to Write and Sell EBooks, we learned how EBooks can be used to earn passive income from home. Somewhere in this series of articles, the question would have come to mind- What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ebooks?

In this article, I will present a fair evaluation of the pros and cons of ebooks. This will help you to determine what the market opinion is and whether you are likely to succeed in this business.

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages gives you a lever to grow your business. You promote the advantages while being prepared for the Disadvantages I advance. Knowledge is of utmost importance as you can only perceive your Customer in this online age.

Each age comes with New Reality and New Realities come with Advantages and Disadvantages to perceive. The same goes the case with Ebooks which is prominent for a decade and have grown exponentially in the recent past.

Disadvantages are also important to know in order to devise solutions. The solution might further technological innovation making life convenient yet different from today.

So, let us now get to the subject of understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of ebooks.

Top Disadvantages of EBooks

Listing here the top 7 Disadvantages in an attempt to answer what are the top advantages and disadvantages of ebooks:

1. Quality of content may not be wholesome. This is more a perception due to the recent popularity of ebooks than a fact. Ebooks are serving the market What it is supposed to serve!

2. Increased screen time while health practitioners recommend getting away from it. This also means late nights and loss of sleep.

3. Piracy can be blatant as it is easy to copy content and modify it to claim your own.

4. Short reads gain popularity while epics take a back seat. This is a demotivator for true literature lovers.

5. Good literature has taken a back seat as ebooks have been taken over by everyone. This might be true for the time being but wait till literary geniuses start taking the ebook route!

6. Ebooks collections can not be a matter of pride of book collection as was with paper books.

7. The quality of writing requires little proofreading and hence ebooks do not promote the cause of good literature as is the case with traditional books.

Top Advantages of EBooks

The top 7 advantages of ebooks are:

1. Wide availability on your device. You need not venture out anywhere.

2. Browsing a wide variety of topics is given where you get much more choice than in a physical store.

3. Ebooks are most conveniently priced where you get a good value for money.

4. The best advantage of ebooks is the short reads which are complete in a short time. Thereby, it is matched to the interest span of the reader.

5. Anytime, anywhere content availability is one of the advantages of why ebooks came into existence. It is only away as far as your smartphone.

6. It has brought a wide number of Writers to the publishing Platform.

7. Almost instantaneous publishing of books online compared to the long lead time of traditional book publishing.

Why EBOOKS are Better for Students?

Ebooks are better for students due to their easy availability at a cheap price. This makes it convenient to assess content whenever they need to refer to relevant information.

The main factor promoting the popularity of ebooks among students is availability with a click. You get a sea-full of knowledge in this wired world!

The necessity to browse a number of references in the comfort of one’s desktop or even in bed scores far better than browsing hard copies of books in a bookstore or library.

Pocket money is worth spending on e-books rather than hard copies of books!

What are the Disadvantages of Using Books as a Source of Information?

Trusting the source of information is the biggest disadvantage of e-books. The Democratization of book publishing has made a beehive of Writers. All these Writers may not be authentic sources of information.

Traditionally, non-fiction Writers were Persona in their own sphere. Readers wanted a piece of their mind and not necessarily just the content. It mattered hugely who these Writers were. Anyone else writing the same content would not sell as much as these Celebrity Writers did!

The situation might be worse in Academic Writing. Opinions can be heavily biased as the e-books are written without any obligation on anyone.

Writing for entertainment definitely well-served by the e-book market. However, people will go through the writing only if the book is packaged well. The greatest challenge here would be to attractively package the ebook which throws entertaining writing on a back foot.

Conclusion on What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ebooks

We have now discussed the various disadvantages and advantages of ebooks in the article.

To recap, the various disadvantages of ebooks are:

– Quality of content may not be wholesome.

– Increased screen time while health practitioners recommend getting away from it.

– Piracy can be blatant as it is easy to copy content and modify it to claim your own.

– Short reads gain popularity while epics take a back seat. This is a demotivator for true literature lovers.

– Good literature has taken a back seat as ebooks have been taken over by everyone.

– Ebooks collections can not be a matter of pride of book collection as was with paper books.

– The quality of writing requires little proofreading and hence ebooks do not promote the cause of good literature as is the case with traditional books.

And the various disadvantages of e-books are:

– Quality of content may not be wholesome.

– Increased screen time while health practitioners recommend getting away from it.

– Piracy can be blatant as it is easy to copy content and modify it to claim your own.

– Short reads gain popularity while epics take a back seat.

– Good literature has taken a back seat as ebooks have been taken over by everyone.

– Ebooks collections can not be a matter of pride of book collection as was with paper books.

– The quality of writing requires little proofreading and hence ebooks do not promote the cause of good literature as is the case with traditional books.

Given all the disadvantages though, e-books are here to stay. E-Books are the new reality of our age and much growth is foreseen in this sector.

Here is a video link discussing the Top Disadvantages of Ebooks. This will be interesting to the readers.

Do leave your comments on what you think as the advantages or disadvantages of e-books in your experience.

Thank You.

What is PLR EBOOK?

Ebooks making and selling is a good source of earning passive income at home. In this segment, we often come across the term PLR Books. In this article, I will answer the question on what is PLR EBOOK?

Earlier articles in this series discussed ebook making and publishing. We also learned which are the 7 Popular Ebooks Selling Platforms.

With this knowledge, you would still be thinking about how to create content?

People with good writing abilities would not be bothered with this question. However, it is understood that this skill takes quote an effort.

Similarly, any kind of content creation is not easy as you read over internet. Sometimes, it takes a special knack to develop those skills.

Ready to give up already?

Wait, learn about PLR Books which could come to your rescue! Let’s discuss what is PLR Book and how does it fit into the ebook Selling Business Model.

What Does PLR EBOOK Mean?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights are PLR Books can be legally sold as you being the copyright holder. It is completely legal to sell PLR Books to be sold under your label or brand.
What does PLR EBook Mean?

However, since PLR Books are available to be downloaded in Public Domain, you need to adapt it to your brand to make a unique offering in the market. Many people would have downloaded such PLR Books and adapting it is the only way to make it unique.

In short, PLR EBooks are completely legal to sell and comes as a great resource for people wanting to venture out in the ebook market. It overcomes the handicap or fear of content creation.

PLR EBooks needs to be re-packaged with an attractive cover which will sell. The interiors will need modifications to suit your style and to include your website of affiliate links as the case may be.

Adapting a PLR ebook still calls for ingenuity but takes the pressure off from creating your content all by yourself!

Articles, videos, websites, audios, graphics, cheat sheets etc can also be PLR Content and can be sold under your own brand name.

What are PLR Websites?

PLR Websites enable downloading of PLR content. This downloaded content is legally viable to sell as your own content without copyright violation. Some of these websites are free to use while some charge a membership fees for subscription.

My recommendation for the 5 top free PLR Websites are,

1. PLRDatabase.net

2. PLRFreeOnline

3. PLRMines.com

4. Free PLR Downloads

5. BuyQualityPLR

However, there are number of quality content rich paid subscription sites on the internet. You can consider subscribing to them if your niche demands it. Also, you must consider paid subscription for quality content.

Downloading for free is absolutely the right strategy when you are just beginning. It is the best way to start creating content today!

Can You Resell MRR?

MRR or Master Resell Rights Contents allows you to Resell the content, as well as pass on the Resell License to your Customers. So, MRR Content can be resold without violating any copyrights.

There are three terms used in this space,

  • RR or Resell Rights
  • MRR or Master Resell Rights and
  • Giveaway Rights

RR allows only to Resell the content without passing on the Resell rights to your Customers. There is a difference here from MRR where you can pass on even the Resell rights to your Customers.

Giveaway Rights allows you to pass the content to your Customers for free without changing the content. You are neither allowed to pass on Resell rights to your Customers in this case.

Can I Sell PLR EBooks?

PLR EBooks can be sold legally and without violating any copyrights. You have full rights to use PLR Content as you please to sell or to give away for free.
Can I Sell PLR Ebooks?

Selling PLR EBooks can prove to be a good business model if you are good at re-packaging and selling it.

Stuck again on selling? I heard you think aloud that selling was for Amazon!

Yes, Amazon has a great marketing network where your Customers come to your ebooks not the other way round. But, you still need to select keywords to lead the Customers to your ebook. That is where the sales part comes in.

The general ranting on PLR Content is that it has made market competitive. But my take is that the market is still wide and ample opportunity exists for a thriving business.

How do I Sell my PLR EBOOKS on Amazon KDP?

Selling your PLR ebook is not different from selling an ebook created by you. Amazon KDP allows publishing and sales of PLR EBooks as it does not flout any copyright and is legal to sell.

A PLR EBooks provides you content over which you have legal rights to sell. You need to re-package it with your own brand. Interiors might call for little tweaking to include your information and probably few changes to suit your brand.

That’s all it takes to sell a PLR ebook on Amazon KDP.

Here, it would be interesting to read through my article on 7 Best Ebooks Selling Platforms to consider selling on other ebook platforms too!


PLR EBooks come with Private Label Rights. You can sell them or give away for free without breaking any laws. It is a great way to sell ebooks if you are unable to create original content yourself.

Articles, videos, audio books can all be PLR Content. Some websites to look for free PLR contents are:

– PLRDatabase.net

– PLRFreeOnline

– PLRMines.com

– Free PLR Downloads

– BuyQualityPLR

There are other PLR Websites which calls for a subscription fees too. You might like to consider them when looking for quality content.

MRR, RR and Giveaway Rights are other restrictive licenses in this area. You have full legal rights to sell a MRR Content.

You can sell your PLR ebook on Amazon Kindle like any other book. Publishing a PLR ebook calls for re-packaging though. You will need to create a nice book cover and modify the interior to suit your brand.

I hope this article lifts your spirit of earning passive income by selling ebooks.

As a bonus to my readers, here is a link to the detailed video on best PLR Websites discussing the pros and cons and how to go about it.

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7 Popular Online EBook Publishing Platforms

7 Popular Online EBook Publishing Platforms

In this series of articles, you have read about How to Write and Sell an ebook as a good source of earning passive income at home. 7 Popular Online EBook Publishing Platforms will enhance your confidence of the selling platforms available in the marketplace. These platforms are besides your own selling channels on social media or website.

Choosing an ebook publishing platforms depends on the criteria of what royalty you can make on such platforms. It also depends on its market reach and the marketing and distribution network it has. Distribution network might be of no significance when selling a low content book.

Your profitability will depend on the scheme of commission chosen on the ebook selling platform. As discussed in my earlier article Top Niches in ebook selling, one can opt for both 35% and 70% royalty rates. A 35% commission is no-frills commission rate while a 70% commission has certain conditions of allowing lending, applicability in certain geographical locations etc.

Differences in terms and conditions are found on each of these platforms. Some of them like Barnes and Nobles Press might call for fees to list your books.

Besides the selling platforms, there are platforms only for creating your ebooks. We are not discussing about such platforms in this article.

This article answers the question of where to head once you have prepared your ebook. These are the online market-place where you will find your Buyers. Hence, knowing these popular platforms becomes extremely important to know for your online business.

Where Can I Publish EBook for Free?

The 7 Popular Online EBOOK Publishing Platform where you can publish your ebook free are:
Where Can I Publish my Ebooks for Free?

1. Amazon KDP

2. Kobo Writing Life

3. Smashwords

4. Gumroad

5. Blurb

6. Payhip

7. Apple iBooks Author

Though ebook creation is free, different platforms have different commission rates and some charge a fee for distribution. Each one of the above have their own terms and conditions which is not difficult to follow on their websites.

Which is the Best Platform to Publish EBOOK?

Amazon KDP is the best platform to publish ebooks. A close second can be given to Kobo Writing Life. Both platforms are highly popular and attracts major volume of ebooks Selling.

Of all the ebook selling platforms, Amazon KDP offers an extremely convenient book creation and publishing. This is the first reason of calling it the best platform to publish ebooks.

Next advantage comes from the worldwide reach and popularity of Amazon in almost every corner of the world. This ensures a smooth distribution around the world without any restrictions. Imagine the views your ebook can generate with such a platform!

Is There a Free Way to Publish EBook?

There is definitely a free way to publish ebook. This can be done on any of the 7 Popular Online EBook Publishing Platforms listed below:

– Amazon KDP

– Kobo Writing Life

– Smashwords

– Gumroad

– Blurb

– Payhip

– Apple iBooks Author

These are not completely free to publish and would call for transaction fees for marketing and distribution. Some above ebook selling platform works on a fixed revenue with revenue sharing in addition.

However, all the above are free to join and no fees is charged unless you make a sale. You only pay out of the sales revenue generated. They can be considered free to publish in this way.

How Do I Make an EBOOK for Free?

Ebooks can be made for free using free versions on software like Canva. Both the interiors and book cover can be designed over it. There are similar free software available to create ebooks with some of them listed below:
How Do I Make an Ebook for Free?

– Canva

– EPUBee Maker

– Mobipocket

– Zoo Writer

– SCRIBA EBook Maker

These ebook creation software provide free templates to guide you for creating your ebook. Besides, there are number of features available to design covers, number the pages, insert texts and finally download your ebook for uploading on an ebook selling platform.

All these softwares come as desktop version and apps. You can create an ebook from the anytime availability of your smartphone!

How Do I Sell PDF Books Online for Free?

The PDF Books can be sold online for free over your social media channels or your website. Sales depends on the number of subscribers you already have or are able to generate. Ultimately, your book can generate sales only if it reaches your audience.

Trying to sell PDF Books for free is generally not a good idea unless you have a large following of your target market over social media or are getting good traffic to your website. The transaction fees charged by ebook selling platform covers this aspect of market reach and hence a fee is charged for this service!

However, there are success stories of making good sales over Instagram or even Whatssapp. There you will need to activate a gateway for accepting digital payment like PayPal or Razorpay specific to the country in which you are selling.


After creating your ebook, it is important to know where to sell. Amazon KDP tops the rank in the best ebook selling platform.

Other popular ones being,

– Kobo Writing Life

– Smashwords

– Gumroad

– Blurb

– Payhip

– Apple iBooks Author

These ebook selling platforms are completely free to join but charge a transaction fee on sales made.

Ebooks can be created completely free where the best tool is Canva. Canva is the most popular ebook creation tool among ebook creators.

Other free ebook creation software which I’d available in both desktop version and apps are,

– EPUBee Maker

– Mobipocket

– Zoo Writer

– SCRIBA EBook Maker

You can sell your PDF Books completely free on your social media channels or website if you have a good follower base. Else, choosing a popular ebook selling platform from the list above is a good idea.

In order to guide you properly, here is link to the video on How to Upload and Publish Your Book on Amazon KDP which you will find useful.

I hope you liked this article. Do leave your message in the comment box below and bookmark this page to read more articles on earning passive income at home.


What is Low Content Publishing?

What is Low Content Publishing

My earlier articles made clear than selling ebooks is a good way of earning passive income at home. It also discussed how to go about selecting your niche to sell ebooks. In this article, we will address the question- What is Low Content Publishing?

The best -selling niches on Amazon Kindle are not much different from those sold as paperback. We can easily understand this logic looking at the list of best-selling genres from my earlier article on best-selling ebook Niches.

Low Content or zero content books are extremely easy to produce and are very popular selling channel on Amazon KDP. The journal, graph, coloring or handwriting Books are Low Content Books and sell quite well making decent passive income for the seller.

In case your are considering selling ebooks, Low Content Books would be the easiest to begin with. Though high in competition, it still has the potential of making money.

We decipher the intent behind low content publishing in this article and how your can adopt it to start selling a low content book today!

What is Low Content Publishing on Amazon?

Low Content Publishing on Amazon consists of outline books with no or minimal content. These books are meant to be filled by the Buyer after buying. Some examples of low Content books are graph Books, children number tracing books or a coloring book.

Low Content Books are sold in paperback format. They are books in demand and some of them even sells at a premium.

The Low Content book cab be sold without an ISBN. Amazon automatically assigns one to each of its Low Content book but they cannot be used on any other ebook platform.

Given the wide market it commands, competition is not a concern in this space. A Low Content book will make a sale if your can design an attractive cover and interiors. Off course, your need to know your market and select your niche.

My earlier article on Top Selling EBook Niches will help your to determine your own niche.

What is Considered Low Content?

A book formatted as a note taking form is considered a low content book. Typical examples of low Content books are:

1. Coloring Books

2. Graph Books

3. Number Tracing Books

4. Alphabet Tracing Books

5. Recipe Journals

6. Event Calendar Books

7. Travel Journals

All these books have repetitive interiors and therefore much easier to produce. A paperback version of such low Content books are much in demand and has the potential of earning some passive income.

At times, low Content books make for a great gift on special occasion. Say, a Recipe Journal Book would be a great gift on Mother’s Day!

Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?

Low Content Publishing is profitable in today’s ebook selling market. Low Content Books have carved out a specific market for itself which is complementary to the main market of best-selling niches in ebook space.

Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?
Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?

Expecting a magical profit is highly immature. Be prepared if your low content book sits on the e-shelf for couple of months!

The best way to sell a low content book is to utilize the various special occasions all round the year. Occasions like Mothers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day all have potential to kick-start your sale and make as much money to compensate your for your long wait!

A word of advice here is not to price your book too low expecting quick sales. Keep it reasonable because the sale will happen when it has to happen.

How do I Make and Sell Low Content Books?

Making a low content book involves designing an attractive cover and a one-page interior. The interior should have lines and defined spaces for taking notes on paperback. This interior is repeated over to create a complete ebook.

Canva is good software to design ebook cover. An ebook cover is probably the most important selling point. Take some time to design it or if your are doing it for the first time, hire an experienced hand.

The interiors can be made on MS Word or Canva. Canva being my choice as it has lot of design features in-build. Make a beautifully yet simple page. Copy and paste this over to about 120 pages. Save as.PDF and your are good to go.

Create an Amazon KDP account and move over to low content book. Create your book in paperback and upload your manuscript. Upload your design and fill out the other details like pricing.

Your first e-book is ready and up for sale as soon as Amazon KDP approves it.

To make the process simpler, here is the link to the video on Creating your First KDP Journal. Play it, pause it , rewind it and try out creating your first low content book. I am sure your will enjoy making one!


In this article we learned what is Low Content Publishing. Low Content books are with nil or minimal content. Graph Books, coloring books or journals are examples of low Content books.

Low Content books are good business to start with in the ebook selling segment. They are easy to produce and have a good demand in market for the paperback version.

Probability of low Content books is assured if it sells. Create a low content book with a seasonal theme and that will have a greater probability of making sale. Do not price it low in an attempt to make a sale, instead focus on quality cover and interiors.

Canva is the tool of choice for making the ebook cover. Interiors are simpler and can be made in Canva or even Microsoft Word and converted to PDF. Upload the PDF and the cover to complete making your low content ebook.

Create an account on Kindle and head over to create a low content book in paperback. Fill the details and on Amazon approval your ebook would be live for selling.

Hope that your would take the first steps and publish at least one low content book on Amazon KDP today!

I Wish your All the Best for taking your first step in earning passive income at home.Here is the link of my other article on how to write and sell an ebook.

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Top Selling EBook Niches

Top Selling EBook Niches

Continuing from my article on how to write and sell an ebook, we know that selling ebooks is a good source of earning passive income. The first thing to consider when conducting a market survey in this business segment is to know what are the top selling ebook Niches?

Conducting research of your target market is of utmost importance in any business and an online business is no exception. You need all the data to visualize for whom are you planning your offering. The geographical location, gender, culture, education, family relations all are parameters to understand in a typical market survey.

The online tools are great resource to conduct this survey. Ebook selling platforms like Amazon KDP themselves will reveal this to you if carefully examined.

Finding a target audience gives you a clear target of your content. You are able to focus more on the content creation part with the selling part getting easier. Rightly, if you are working to fulfill demand of a certain section, you will have no dearth of Buyers.

Selecting a target market also helps you in selecting your niche. Any niche will sell if there is a demand for it. Any attempt to push through your niche in a no-demand market will only bring frustration.

In this article, we discuss the various trending Niches in the ebook market.

What are the Best Selling EBook Topics?

A quick check on Kindle Ranker lists the best-selling ebook Topics as:

1. Literature and Fiction

2. Romance

3. Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

4. Textbooks

5. Computers and Technology

6. Engineering and Transportation

7. Business and Money

The above Topics have a median sales volume of over $75,000.00!

Sub-niches within the main Topics are listed and a careful examination of the same will pinpoint the exact sub-niche you can pick for a profitable ebook selling business.

From the above Best Selling Topics list, one gets a fairly good idea of the trending Niches. A closer drill-down will reveal what you could offer as an ebook.

What are Good Topics to Write an EBook on?

Few good topics to write an ebook on and make decent earnings are:

1. Handwriting Books
What are Good Topics to write an EBook

2. Graph Books

3. Nursery Books for Children

4. Joke Books

5. Daily Motivation Books

The above are not highly priced item but do sell in good quantity. Moreover, it doesn’t take a huge effort to produce them.

Formatting these ebooks is easy and when supported by a cover design, sells in tons!

You can also opt for printed version which also sells and is quite a popular category on Amazon. The print versions are not even penny-prized. Their market price ranges from $5.99 to $12.99!

What EBooks Make the Most Money?

Literature and Fiction genre ebooks tops the charts in making money. This genre has been the most popular that Amazon Kindle and the market share exceeds that of any other genre. This is followed by Romance and Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense. These three genres capture the maximum business volume in the ebook market today.

One catch here is between high prices and high volume. A book priced at $2.99 each would need 20 sales to match the sales of an ebook priced $59.99!

Therefore, you need to select the market carefully to make a reasonable sale. Understanding the market behavior is the key to success in this business – heard that before in other businesses as well?

A word of caution is that sometimes even if you do everything right, your ebook might just sit there. Sales is dependent on the Buyer behavior and it can bring a sale anytime. This is a business risk this model carries with it but again any entrepreneur looks at a business with the opportunity it provides worrying less about the risk!

What is the Best Way to Sell an EBook?

The best way to sell an ebook is over Amazon KDP. Though high in competition, it provides a number of convenient features like marketing your ebooks. Given its global reach, your ebooks has a higher probability of selling on Amazon KDP.

Other popular ebook selling platforms include,
What is the Best Way to Sell an Ebook

1. Barnes and Nobles Press

2. Apple Books

3. Blurb

4. Payhip

5. Sellfy

6. Podia

7. SendOwl and many more.

The other good way of selling ebooks is via your own website or social media channels. Ebooks Selling will come handy if you have a large following on any of the social media channels.

Amazon KDP is by far the most popular channel to sell ebooks. My recommendation is to start selling on Amazon KDP if you are just starting out. The key considerations later will be the royalty given on these platforms versus their reach and thereby probability of sales.

Amazon provides a 35% royalty on low priced ebooks and 70% royalty on ebooks priced over $2.99 subject to certain other conditions which you will find when you join Amazon KDP.

How Do I Find my EBook Niche?

Your ebook niche is the genre in which you are confident of creating content and where there is a Buyer demand. The top selling genre list gives you an idea of where to look for your niche. These genres have such wide coverage that you are more likely to choose from one of the best-selling genres.

Sub-niches are important. Drill down a niche to further sub-niche and further down until you find a specific area where you can create content.

Romance could be the top-level genre. A sub-niche could be romance in mid-age. A further sub-niche could be romance in mid-age in foreign land. This example illustrates that finding Your specific niche is limited only by your imagination.

Don’t get disheartened if your area of expertise is not on the best-seller list. Here, I don’t see sports as one of the two selling genres. There, you can always go ahead and wait for market creation in your niche or use cross- niche.

For those of you who have read “Tom Brown’s School Days”, there was plenty of cross-country running for Tom- that might drop a hint for sports in literature!

You may also find it useful to read my article on Niches in the Internet Space here.


As we have seen, the top selling ebook Niches are:

– Literature and Fiction

– Romance

– Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

– Textbooks

– Computers and Technology

– Engineering and Transportation

– Business and Money

These top selling ebook Niches gives you an idea of how your market will be in your own niche. This list had been drawn from Kindle Rank Tracker and are the best-selling Niches on Amazon KDP.

Amazon KDP is by far the most popular platform selling ebooks. There are other options available including selling on your own website, YouTube Channel or your Social Media Channels.

I want to reward you reader with a video on Hot KDP Niche which I am sure would inspire you to take action.

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How do People Make Money by Offering Free Ebooks?

How do people make money by offering free ebooks

Ebooks are more popular than paperback or hard copy. They have caught attention with easy reads on screen and wide availability. But ever wondered how do people make money by offering free ebook?

Ebooks can be self- published and do not have restrictions of minimum words or strict editorials. Though it is part of your market demand and must be worked upon. Creative covers can be created instantaneously using Amazon’s proprietary software or Canva.

It does take some effort in creating an ebook. However, it is a sea change from the time and effort expended in writing a “Real” book.

In effect, ebook has democratized book writing. This has become a popular stream for making passive income from home.

Here’s the link to my other article which explains how ebook writing can be taken up to earn passive income.

These ebooks are sold online at a price to make an income. However, there are lot of free ebooks available on Amazon or people selling it on Instagram.

What is the use of selling ebooks for free after putting efforts in producing one?

Let us decipher the mystery behind selling free ebooks in this article.

How Do You Make Money from EBooks?

Making money from ebooks is as simple as selling one of your digital products online. The ebook has a list price which can be downloaded after making the payment. The most popular platform for selling ebooks is Amazon Kindle.

Before reaching out to answer our main question of how do people make money by offering free ebooks, let us understand how to make money from ebooks.
How do you make money selling ebooks

Ebooks have fast replaced the traditional book-space. They are well-adjusted to the fast life we are leading in this modern world. Smartphones are human shadows without which we are not able to complete life’s basic needs.

The convenience of reading on your smartphone anytime and anywhere has made EBook preside over traditional books. They are available over several EBook selling platforms at prices close to a Mac-chicken Burger!

With all these advantages, it easily satiated the thirst of curiosity. From the Customers viewpoint, it is both sale able and scalable.

When it comes to selling an ebook, it is far easier than selling a traditional book. It cuts down complex distribution channels but what is most important is that the Customers see a value in purchasing these ebooks online.

Selling an ebook therefore summarizes to having great concise content which satisfies the customer’s queries. This underlying selling proposition helps you set a price and sell your ebooks online.

How Can I Monetize my Ebook for free?

Monetization of ebook does not call for any investments or fees. Creating one might call for some investments in buying a cover design which might cost some money. Otherwise, all the ebook selling platforms allows free listing as does Amazon KDP.

The only investment you need to make in monetizing an ebook is in creating it. The cover design can be bought and formatting of ebook can be done using an outsourced service on Upworks or Fevrr.

However, all these task can be completed on your own completely free. Amazon KDP has its own platform to prepare creative cover design. Otherwise, free software or apps can be used to prepare a good cover design.

The only investment you need to make is to write or create great content. Even there, if you know your market, it will not very difficult to create great content.

Now, let me surprise you a bit here. The top trending ebooks on Amazon Kindle are the likes of Graph Books and Handwriting Books!

Is that some inspiration you were looking for?

Is Ebook Business Profitable?

Ebook Business is profitable in 2022. You can still make money selling ebooks. Though one needs to identify hard-selling niche areas to remain sure-shot profitable.

With the knowledge of ebook selling going widespread public, competition is on the rise. Still, the market is so huge that one can always find ways to sell ebooks.

There are cases when close friends reporting not making a single sale for couple of months. But, that happens everywhere whether it’s a YouTube Channel or a Blog. Some people will find it difficult to sell.

One has to pick up what is trending. It always takes talent to pick up knowledge on the way of growth. Dedication is what is expected in trying out various combinations. One ebook might not sell but adjust to the trend and you will see it sell through.

I can only assure you that ebook selling works. Differences in selling strategy might have made your task difficult. But there is ample number of testimonies available favoring a profitable market of ebooks.

Selling ebooks in some top Niches can fetch you few thousand dollars per month. But there is no standard answer to how much you can earn selling ebooks. This is only to give you an idea of its earning potential.

Here is a link to my other article discussing Niches in the internet market which can give you a good idea on topics to write ebooks on.

Can You Make Money Off a Free Ebook?

There are two streams through which make an income in the ebook segment. One is direct sales and the other is traffic. Making money is possible off a free ebook by using it to get traffic to your affiliate link or site.

This is creating a funnel to lead to your affiliate link. This is a step of funnel marketing. Funnel marketing is a marketing strategy where you create multiple avenues for traffic acquisition and lead them to your affiliate link or products to sell.

Funnel creation is a key marketing strategy answering the question of how do people make money by offering free ebooks!

Selling ebooks for free utilizes the global reach of ebook selling platforms like Amazon KDP. The marketing of your ebook is done by Amazon themselves. This is a great lever in reaching a wider audience which would take a long time to build otherwise.

Other strategies of selling or rather distributing ebooks for free is like placing your advertisement in these books. People would be happy to receive this “gift” and turn into your marketing channel.


Ebooks are a great idea to generate passive income from home. Making money can be either direct sales or acquiring traffic which directs to your affiliate link or main product.

You can make money by distributing ebooks for free. In return, you create your marketing funnel which leads to sales or affiliate commission. Selling ebooks for free is a great way to earn affiliate commissions.

For your benefit, here is a link to my other article explaining how to enter affiliate marketing without having a website. Hope that you will find some context here.

To help you get started on ebooks sales on Amazon KDP, here’s a video from Paul Marles on 5 Steps to KDP Profits which you will find useful.

I hope this rescues you from the gloom of not making any headway making passive income from home. Do leave your comment in the comment box below if you agree. Your comments are a great source of inspiration to bring such passive income ideas to you.

How to Start Blogging for Beginners

Do you want to earn full time sitting anywhere away from the daily commute and without meeting people bossing around? Well then, you need to generate passive income full stop. How to start blogging for beginners addresses the step after this full stop.

How to Start Blogging for beginners

So what is passive income?

Passive Income is when you make recurrent income without putting an everyday effort to earn it. That can be a rental earning on Real Estate, an Annuity Fund or Royalty. In the online business, affiliate business is one source of passive income where your digital space is used to promote products making you earn life-long income.

Passive income differs from active income where you earn in return of the time you put in the activity. A regular job, self employment like that of Doctors or a business are all termed as active income. Once you no longer spent time on the activity you lose your earning. One cannot make a direct income without continuing to spend time on the activity.

One of the most popular ways to earn passive income is via a Blog. Blogging is both for business and fun. It gives you an outlet to express yourself. A blog brings informative material for the reader. A Blogger satiated this hunger for information besides earning from this effort. You create reader trust I’m what you write in a blog. They buy products on your recommendations.

Finding Your Niche

Do you require any qualifications or skills to blog? Well, you need to know typing on a keyboard and a passion for writing. Remember, an interest to write on various topics is a must without which you will simply find blogging an uphill task. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write perfectly or are a non-native language writer. Proper training, observation and working on your writing will always improve over time.

So, what topics should you write on?Niche

People are prone to give up on starting to blog when this question goes unanswered. My simple answer is to observe your surroundings closely. See if the food you eat, restaurants you visit, sports you play, music you hear, place where you live might be interesting for someone not in your place. Would any information on that satiate a reader’s desire of information they may be looking for?

Google the topic you observe in your surrounding or have knowledge about. See what is it that people are searching about. What kind of information are they looking. They could be looking for cheap shoes’ outlet in your neighborhood to whether there is a sporting center at the place you live.

Researching for your niche is a great fun activity. I challenge you to write down five niche areas in which you are knowledgeable about in the comment box below. You may like to refer my other article on Niches in the Online Market by clicking here.

Keyword Research

What I’d a keyword? You will more often come across this word once you start blogging. The headline of this article How to Start Blogging for beginners is a keyword in this article. It is this term through which search engines will locate your blog. These keywords can be a single word or a chain of words.

Having a long chain keyword helps you to rank higher in search engine listing. In this vast internet space, there will be severe competition for the top-level keyword. In my example, a keyword like Blog will have severe competition and it is difficult for new blog to rank anywhere in the first page of the search engines. But a long chain keyword will have lesser competition and the blog can rank higher getting noticed more easily.

There are tools available for keyword research and one of them is JAAXY where the trial version is available free of cost when you join the Affiliate Marketing Platform called Wealthy Affiliates. Read my review about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here. Keyword Research can also be done on using Google.

I challenge you to write five keywords each for the five Niches you have chosen above in the comment box below.

Blogger or WordPress?

When I started blogging few years back, I chose Blogger. It is good online platform from Google and does not call for separate hosting. You don’t have to invest a single penny for trying out. Setting up a blog on Blogger is as easy as setting up your e-mail account.

Though Blogger is good for trying out, it does not give you your own domain. You are assigned a sub-domain which is a shared space not owned by you. You will need to register your domain if you are planning to blog seriously and have your own digital identity. This calls for some investment in the range of $10 to $255 at any of the domain registration platform.

If you are prepared to shell out this amount, this proves that you want to pursue Blogging seriously. In that case, choose WordPress which is the platform of choice for serious Bloggers. It has many friendly features to make your blog look professional and easy to manage. There are plug-ins to add for enhanced reach of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Successful blogging calls for creating good content for your blog. A good content should be easily tracked by the Search Engines and thereby generate traffic. Therefore, you need have a basic understanding of how to make the search engines look at your content.SEO

Search Engine will only notice your blog post if it finds it useful for its audience. It means that the content should be unique and free of plagiarism. It must be of appropriate length of at least 1000 words and it must have the main keyword occurring sparsely. Too many repetitions of keyword is identified by the search engines and noted as spam. Active voice is preferred over passive voice and use of shorter but more number of paragraphs helps the search engines in location your posts.

Some of these tips are fundamental to search engine optimization. There are SEO writing templates which helps in creating SEO rich articles.

So, there is not much to worry. You will catch up on creating SEO rich content for your blog as you mature into blogging.

Google Analytics

Once you publish your blog, the greatest pleasure is to see people reading it. Google Analytics is one such tool freely available on Google Platform which helps you see a blog performance.Google Analytics

Bloggers can see their target market-geographical location gender, age-group, device type to access blog etc. This gives an insight of where your target market is. It reveals the population for which you need to focus your content on.

Google Analytics reports the traffic coming to your Blog. It also reveals if your social media postings brings more traffic or just organic search on Google. It is a quite useful tool for all serious bloggers.

Ways to Monetize a Blog

Now comes the most interesting topic for which you all have been waiting for! How to start blogging for beginners is incomplete without addressing monetizing your blog.Monetizing Your Blog

There are surely good returns for serious Bloggers. It might take time and patience to build your blog and generate traffic, but the efforts are worth it. Blogs with 70 to 100 unique quality posts who have established their authority with Search Engines, can generate good income in the range of $500 per month. Earnings would depend on the popularity of the posts and how good traffic it attracts.

Earning from Blogs can be made in two ways. First is via Ads and the most popular one is Google Adsense. The second method is via plugging affiliate links. In this method, you earn a commission when someone clicks the affiliate link in your blog and makes a purchase. To read more about Affiliate marketing read my other article by clicking here.


The best part of blogging is that it gives an avenue to writing enthusiasts and you start enjoying your journey as your blog matures. You get engulfed with helping people with information and in the process you gain more knowledge. This is a must-do for all who are infested with a spirit of inquiry.

Besides, blogging is a great business model and has made millionaire out of it. Though putting that same time and effort might not be possible for everybody. However, it is very much possible to earn a decent income from your blog. You may have to put good effort in building this business but it will return good dividends with passage of time.

In case you are serious about building your passive income stream via blogging, do read my article on Wealthy Affiliate with the link provided above.

I try to bring ideas where you can start making passive income from the comfort of your home. I hope that you liked this article and will surely benefit from it. If you have chosen to blog, do leave the link to your blogs ite in the comment box below and I would be happy to review and leave my comments there.

Happy Blogging!

How to write and sell an ebook

How to write and sell an ebookI am here to introduce you to the various methods of earning passive income at home. In case, you are a student looking for extra income, a housewife or a retired person or simply someone looking for side hustle, this article is for you. In this article we discuss how to write and sell ebooks.

Ebooks have fast gained popularity over the past few years and are being sold in abundance. It has eased the way traditional books are published where writing a book and finding publishers Traditionally is a long-drawn process. Extreme dedication is required to publish a traditional book. You must meet the publishers criteria of Content length and proof-reading. Sometimes, it is difficult to find publishers directly and you need to hire an agent in order to get your book published.

Ebook publishing has taken a lot of pain away from what was there in a traditional book publishing. It can be self-published and it is only you who has a complete control over your content- it’s length, proof-reading and presentation. Besides, readers prefer ebooks over traditional books as it gives lot of convenience in reading. It can be read on a smartphone anywhere and anytime. The age of ebooks is here and we are here to discuss how you can use it to earn passive income from home.

Writing in ebook

Though ebooks hold a good potential to make money online, it must hold some value to the reader. They must be motivated to buy the book even if it costs a lot lesser than a traditional book. The first step in understanding how to write and sell book is to understand what to write in your ebook.Writing an ebook

Start from determining your niche- the subject in which you can write freely even if you are not an expert in the area. You can always research and find material to write But unless you are passionate about the subject, you will not hold attention to the subject. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine your niche area in which you would be writing or creating visual content. Read my other article on determining your niche area by clicking here.

After determining your niche, you must first ask – what problem does my niche knowledge solve. It might solve the problem of losing weight or finding a side hustle to choosing the right smartphone. This is an important step in your business planning.

Thereafter, answering the question – how do I solve my reader’s problem, gives you lot of ideas about creating content. You will base your research on this question which gives a clear direction to looking for your content material.

Creating content would come with little practice for people who are not already into writing or creating such content. In case, you already have a blog-site, it becomes easier for you to understand this perspective. However, we are discussing ebook creation for absolute beginners. Using the above strategy, you can create contents for an ebook anytime.

Creating an ebook

Once you have decided on your niche and created content, the next question comes to mind is to how do you convert it to an ebook?Creating an ebook

Ebooks are soft forms of books generally in PDF or any other screen readable version. It is easy to download on your device and store it. However simple that might sound, it might be intimidating for a beginner to design the cover, create a content layout and insert affiliate links at appropriate places. Yes, you read it right You can enter into Affiliate Marketing via ebooks. Read my other article on Online Selling without website by clicking here.

I might have sounded intimidating by naming a few mandatory things which must be done for creating an ebook. The good news is that there are free software available to convert your content into ebooks. Canvas is one of them. It helps us organize your content and convert this into an ebook.

in case your content is ready, try converting it into an ebook using Canva. You will love the ease with which you can do it.

Ebook Pricing and Earning Potential

Ebooks are priced much lower than the traditional books published in paper. That is the biggest selling point of ebooks- their affordability. Ebooks are generally available in the range of $1.99 to $5.99. This Pricing draws a buyer to shell out this nominal amount without much considering the expenses. Taking a cue from the listed value, you will need to price your ebook in this price range.Ebook earning potential

Amazon charges a fee on each sales made on its platform. This commission varies with the content length. You can go through the details before deciding to sell on Amazon or selling it over your own channels- your website or your social media channels.

Harry Potter might have been a multi-million dollar bagger but ebooks have not seen those figures yet. Your earnings will be in proportion to the number of hits which you get on your ebook link. Here, I can only tell that there are credentials available of earning more than $1000 available by selling ebooks.

Selling ebooks

Selling ebooks is same as digital marketing though not so intense. You can sell an ebook over social media channels. Instagram is one great place where people earn well selling ebooks. However, it depends on your skill as to how you reach your audience. An interesting post might be a precursor to buying your ebook. One needs to learn the skills to suggest buying your ebook. A strong foundation is created if your ebook solves your reader’s problem. Imagine a job-seeker stumbling upon an ebook addressing how to land a job in 30 days!

Amazon Kindle has become the most popular platform to sell ebooks. It is extremely convenient to upload your ebooks on the platform and Amazon’s amazing reach does the rest. You get a worldwide audience for your ebook. Amazon Kindle is a comprehensive answer to how to write and sell ebooks.


The introduction to ebook explained above must have motivated you to work on this methodology of earning passive income. Monetizing an ebook has become so convenient that it is worth taking a look at. I suggest trying this out today!

Do leave your comments below with your experience on trying out writing and selling ebook.

Best Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

Best passive income ideas for beginners

I always wanted to become independent as soon as possible when I was a student. There was a burning desire to break the vicious cycle of monthly pocket money. But I did not have any education to become independent. I had not even heard of what a passive income means until reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. But the world has changed completely today due to the internet availability. Undoubtedly, the best passive income ideas for beginners would stem from internet itself.

The category of employers and employees will always remain. However, the availability of resources to skill up and learn new things just at the click of mouse is creating more entrepreneurs. They are working in areas which was unknown to the world a few years back. Many of these work areas creates avenues for generating passive income. A passive income is essentially an income generating without paying everyday attention to it on a recurring basis. One of the best example is royalty payment. Recurrent royalty payment keeps coming for the copyright held and not dependent on recurrent action by the copyright holder.

Establishing avenues for generating passive income does call for effort though initial investments might be minimal. In this article, we discuss the top five passive income generating ideas for students aiming to break free from pocket money.

Passive Investing

The age-old idea about generating passive income comes from investing. During these times the best returns are obtained passively by large investors. Private Equity placement, Venture Capital Funds are all high ticket investments with huge returns though with great risks as well. The idea of ensuring good returns via these modes is to minimize the risks involved.

Large ticket investments has narrowed down to some small ticket investments as well. P2P lending platforms have come up who do a background check of the borrowers reducing the risks for the lender. In the process, they charge a small fees for their services. Some lending platforms work in the P2B segment so where the borrowers are businesses. However, seldom these lending are small ticket.Investor

Investing is always comes with risk and a higher risk might be rewarded higher. However, the risk of entire capital being wiped remains with high risk investments. Small ticket and rapidly low risk investments include bonds and mutual funds. It is strongly advised to invest only the disposable earnings without effecting the day to day life. As per expert opinion, you qualify to be a investor only if you can invest three-fourth of your earnings. This comes from the background of having a significant income compared to your expenses.

Passive Investing has become one of the safest methods of generating passive income. A word of caution is that you must expect a reasonable rate of return. If a fancy rerun is being promised, better to stay away from it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is recommending products or services of others. When sales is made through your channel, you earn a commission on your sale. Affiliate marketing ranks highest in the best passive income ideas for beginners. My other article on Affiliate Marketing discusses this business model in detail. Please read the article by clicking here.

There are no big investments to be made in affiliate marketing. The risks of returns and refunds is directly taken care by the seller. However, you need to own the responsibility of recommending the right products to your followers, else you would run had risk of losing your own credibility.

One of the best places to start your affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliates. Please read my review about Wealthy Affiliates by clicking here.

E-Book Marketing

If you like to create content, be it writing or arts, then creating an e-book is a great idea. In case, you already have a blog, this activity becomes more beneficial to earn passive income. Creating an e-book is quite easy nowadays on Amazon Kindle. A number of tutorials are available online to help you create one.

Amazon hosts e-books and deducts a portion as fees for each sale. However, you gain a lot of exposure given its global reach. E-books are generally priced between $2.99- $5.99 and can easily be downloaded by the buyers. Payments are released by Amazon and hence protected.E book

E-books are as good as physical books though you don’t need to worry about finding publishers. They can be quickly produced and uploaded on the platform. Hence, time to market is much shorter. Several of them can be produced and uploaded on the platform.

Besides, fulfilling your wish of becoming an Author, it is one of the easy ways of generating passive income. So, try it out today in case, you have a knack for creating content.

Online Course Creation

In case, you have an expertise in any niche area, you can launch your course as your own product online. To know what is a niche and identifying your own niche area read my other article by clicking here.

Online courses should be launched with the objective of solving your subscriber’s problem. Skilling up, finding a job, being healthy are some general problems with lot of subscribers. You will need to understand your target audience to solve their problem. Identify your target audience and research their behavior before deciding to launch a course. It takes lot of effort to prepare a course, launch it and moreover to sell them. Upfront research of your audience makes the path smoother and enhances your potential of earning passive income.

You can launch your course from your own website or through well-known online course platforms. Teachable is one of them. However, the course must be easy to learn. Remember, your audience would be your greatest marketers. They would become your brand ambassadors if your course solves their problem in the first place.

Creating online course is worth trying. Do start evaluating this option today!

Homestay Hosting

Homestay hosting is one of the fast catching passive income generator. In case, you have a house or even a room to spare, you can host it on platforms like AirBnb. AirBnb has fast caught the attention with their business model. Both the traveler and the host benefit. It is beneficial for the traveler who gets a homely stay while the host enjoys the benefits of a higher rental of their property.

In this business model, the host has to make arrangements to make a home stay comfortable. It calls for a one time investment in furniture and lighting. Thereafter, income generation is a recurrent one. For hosting, it is not necessary to rent the entire house, but even a single spare room works the purpose.Home Stay

Necessary licenses applicable to the local regulations must be obtained before starting this business. AirBnb charges a small fees for hosting your property on their site. The post-pandemic period where the traveling is seeing a surge is a perfect time to start this business. Besides, this being a relatively new business model, has less competition in the market.

In case, you already have a property to spare, homestay hosting is a good way to earn passive income. In case your property is located in a tourist area, entering this business at this time does hold great potential to earn passive income.


Earning a passive income calls for your working on your passion. You must be prepared to put all your effort to set it up. Though the investment in monetary terms might be minimal, it must be compensated with the efforts in learning and creating the set-up. The knowledge economy has created lot of avenues to enjoy passive income from.home on the internet. This generation must appreciate that this number of opportunities were not available only a few years back.

Do not let this opportunity go waste and take up one area where your initial investments in efforts would guarantee lifelong returns.

Please do leave your comments on our observations on this article. I would love to hear your success story affected by this article!

How to start Affilate Marketing for Beginners


How to Begin Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

One of the best ways to earn passive income from home is Affiliate Marketing. This is not a new business model but a known strategy employed by marketers since decades. In this article we discuss how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners.

After learning about Affiliate marketing, the primary question coming to mind is – Is Affiliate Marketing for me and will I make any money in it? How much time and effort would take for me to be successful in this business?

We answer them all here and help the reader make an informed choice before investing any time or effort in this business. Ultimately, the question of where do I begin will be answered for people looking for making passive income from home through this business model.

Affiliate marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and requires consistent effort and time. It takes time to mature as would any other business. It might be frustrating at the beginning where one might not get any significant results for quite long time. However, there are numerous examples of successful affiliate marketers. It is a legitimate business and does hold potentials of monetization and scalability.

Read on the article as you are definitely interested to earn passive income from home, if you have read this far!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business model practiced for long where you recommend a product or service. Sales are made directly at the merchant’s site and earn a commission on these sales. How to start Affiliate marketing business for beginners address this business model. Specifically, we discuss about the online affiliate marketing business where all these transactions happen on the internet. It is a thriving business world-wide and accounts for a multi-million dollar industry. The challenge is to find your own niche space here.

Unlike direct selling, it comes with no obligations about returns or refunds. That needs to be taken care by the merchant themselves. You only need to convince your followers to buy the product. Off course, that comes with a responsibility as your followers are your and they are buying a product because of your recommendations.

The first step, therefore, in online affiliate marketing is to generate good traffic to your content. You will need to create rich content for the search engines to take notice of your contents. Some search engine optimization or SEO techniques will have to be employed for this. Then, you will need to select products to recommend as per your content. Aligning this strategy ensures good traffic over a period.

Once you start getting consistently good traffic, it turns into passive income. However, time and effort needs to invested to create content to attract good traffic. That is by far the biggest investment you will need to make in this business model. A small amount of investment is also required to build a website and register your domain. There are ways though to take up Affiliate marketing without having a website. Please read my other article discussing this by clicking here.

Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube is flooded today with Content which is educational, skill based, fun and all kinds of subjects imaginable. This channel has made creating content a child’s job. In fact, the easiest answer to how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners in through YouTube.Starting a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is as simple as creating your Gmail ID. Take note that YouTube is a Google product and it is a question of a few clicks only to create a YouTube Channel if you have a Gmail account- In Fact, who doesn’t?

The best part about creating a YouTube Channel is that you do not require any special writing skills. Many of us do not venture into Affilate Marketing because they are suspicious of their own writing skills. Videos can shot using a smartphone and edited with so many available tools available. The best place to learn how to make YouTube videos is YouTube itself!

Content can be monetized if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view. Recommend your affiliate products and when people buy using your referral links, you are paid commission. You should have rich content to draw visitors to your Channel.

Be careful of what Content you are posting. It should not violate Google’s Policy. Else, you might be penalized and your Channel deleted forever. However, if you are posting with the intention of helping people, it is unlikely that your Channel will ever get penalized.

Learn today about creating YouTube videos using the free resources and become a YouTube Affiliate Marketer today.

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

For social media lovers, affiliate marketing becomes one of a passive business with followers already defined. In case, you have a substantial follower base be it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, you can easily change gear to affiliate marketing and start earning online. The earning come as a cherry topping with your enjoyment of being connected with people. You can just publish your own post directing your followers to your affiliate link on your website. Remember that direct publishing of affiliate links is not allowed on most of the social media platforms.

Social media is the best place to find Traffic and you can grow them with relevant posts. They go hand in hand with your website. They have to be used to create a funnel for visitors to reach your affiliate link and ultimately make a sale.

Your Blog- Your Own Space in Affiliate Marketing

A blog is a space on the internet where you can put all your contents. It is your own digital space just like a brick and mortar house or shop in the physical world. It is extremely easy to create blogs with well-known platforms like Blogger or WordPress. WordPress has many additional features to help in attracting visitors and monetizing your contents. You would then require hosting your blog websites with one of the likes of GoDaddy.

YouTube is not exactly your space and can be taken off for violations making you lose all your contents. But, that is not so with blogs. That is your space and can be taken off from a hosting platform but still remain yours. Besides, it is always a good idea to have a blog site backing up your YouTube Channel which gives it a structured look.

Once you are getting sufficiently good traffic to your website, you can embed affiliate link of the products you want to sell. This is the best entry model for revenue generation in online affiliate marketing business.

So go ahead and try writing out your first blog post in WordPress or Blogger today!


As you would now realize that Affiliate Marketing is something which can be taken up by anyone. Anyone who is interested to make passive income from home. Easy as it may sound, but it does take effort and time to learn and master the various facets of this business model. It does pay over a period if built consistently.

My recommendation is to join an Affiliate Marketing Platform which not only guides but handholds you through the process. The fear of entering an unknown business area is greatly reduced at these platforms. One of these Affiliate Marketing Platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Do leave your comments below if you liked this article.