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Welcome to Build Passive Income at Home. All wannabe online entrepreneurs will find a solution to their dream of building a pasive income from home here.


I have been in the corporate world with a regular day job for years. Alsways falling short of money and always falling short of time. This continued when I started my own business. Then, one day I stumbled upon something interesting.

I found out that income can be generated online. I  was not sure whether this worked. But being an experimentor, I stepped in and started learning for myself. Failed on some occassions but was successful in making a few bucks on some occassions.

Then I happened to learn about better ways to make money online and that is what has worked for me.


The online space is immense. It has no boundaries. One tends to get lost when looking for simple home-based businesses which are legit.

I want to share my own learnings with people eager to break into the online business space. More and more people should fulfil their dreams of living a life of freedom from my website.


The purpose of https://buildpassiveincomeathome.com/ is to help people looking for making money online from home by proper guidance and educating them with things that have worked well for me.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Author: Rohit

I am Rohit- a content creator, blogger and an avid observer. My interest lies in helping people make money online. My research is based on legit ways to make money useful for students paying for tutions, retired seniors, housewives or anyone looking to build a stream of income from home.

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  1. Hey,

    Your website’s design is absolutely brilliant. The visuals really enhance your message and the content compels action. I’ve forwarded it to a few of my contacts who I think could benefit from your services.

    When I was looking at your site, though, I noticed some mistakes that you’ve made re: search engine optimization (SEO) which may be leading to a decline in your organic SEO results. Would you like to fix it so that you can get maximum exposure/presence on Google, Bing, Yahoo and web traffic to your website?

    It’s a relatively simple fix. If this is a priority.

    Please share your “Mobile Number” and a suitable time to talk, so I can help you in that.

    Harry Williams
    Digital Marketing Expert

    You can call also our Support Assistant
    Miss Sharon: 1-386-202-4511
    Miss Catherine: 1-620-765-4699

    1. Thank You Harry, highly appreciate for reviewing the website and reaching out. I believe your SEO services will come handy not only to me to my readers here. Hence, leaving your contact details so that people can reach you for better website traffic.
      Best Regards,

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