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Have you ever wondered why you are always stressed out for money? Why are always calculating each and every penny you spend? Instead, work to discover your earning potential. I am here to tell you how to do this.

The prime reason for you to be stressed out about money is you are focusing on the “lack” of it. You keep thinking that you have no money and so it becomes. This is called a scarcity mindset. It is a common observation that people with scarcity mindset are hard to prosper.

The opposite of a scarcity mindset is the Abundance Mindset. It is to focus on things you have and not on things you don’t. You may not have all riches but you might have strong relationship, a healthy body or a creative talent. The idea is to focus on good things in life which is available to your in abundance rather than fret over things you don’t have. Besides, comparisons in wealth will always drive you crazy. Remember that people are wealthy and super-wealthy due to the way they think. Otherwise, having a negative mindset makes you lose whatever wealth you have inherited.

Discover Your Niche

Once you have switched on your sub-conscious mind for a life of Abundance your thoughts hover over what you are good at. You start find your niche. This might be anything you enjoy doing – from sports, to machines, to cooking simple food at home. Be sure to find at one niche you are really interested in. This is the first step to discover your earning potential.

The easy way is to watch your conversation with colleagues, friends or relatives or your spouse. Have you felt ever found pride in telling them any achievement ever in life. I am sure you did. Think about it and you can easily build how you reached that achievement. Each one of us have a talent which we can share with the world. That what we share if helpful for others, is your niche.

Finding your niche is an outcome of thinking positive. You might be engulfed in a sea of problems today but your will still be able to find something which you really enjoy doing. Working on your niche gives to great satisfaction. It paves the way for happiness. And when you are positive, there are a number of ways to be successful.

Build on Your Niche

Once you have chosen your niche, a word of advice is to stick to it. Stick with it for at least sometime. Don’t worry if you do not know everything about it. Eventually, you will learn and build upon it. This is a foundation to discover your earning potential.

Generally, a give-away to find a niche is that you think that you are not an expert in the subject. You are overwhelmed with the adeptness with which people present this subject in general. You think that you could never be successful in reaching that expert level. That is a negativity in-born in all of us – you are no different here. Imagine that people are thronging your place for a word of advice on the subject. You are getting accolades from all over the place for consolidating the knowledge you like. Imagine this situation each and every day before you sleep and in early morning. You will find your motivation to keep working on your niche each and every day thereon.

Motivation is a key factor in building your niche. You will need to research on the subject and then again research on what answers people are looking for. You start building on your knowledge base after a few cycles and keep generating more and more content in your niche. Building on your niche requires patience and hard work. But, the point is, this is anyway required in any endeavor you undertake in life – so why not in an area which you love and enjoy doing?

Find Your Competition

Once you have found your niche and have started building on it, you start discovering your competition. This is the phase where you discover your earning potential.

Easier said than done, finding huge competition who are making millions in your niche might be overwhelming. But now you are confident that you have the potential to reach there. You may be far from it today, but you know that people like you have reached there. It all depends now on deploying the right technique, finding the audience and in the base of it, creating great content in your niche.

Noteworthy, you earning potential has nothing to do with what your earn today. It is really about your own potential as a person. Surprisingly, you will find that your earning potential is many times more than you ever thought.


Howsoever you have been successful in finding your niche and building on it, you require consistency in your efforts. Remember that the sweetest fruits are borne only after a period. Hence, don’t be in a hurry to see success but keep your efforts always on.

This is difficult to achieve without seeing the big picture. Hence, set-up your goals and view it every day. That will provide the energy to tide over any obstacles on the way. It is keep you moving all the time, as you move towards becoming an expert in your niche.

Working consistently is generally the biggest obstacle one faces before quitting after a few attempts. If you are clear on your goal, you will never quit. Remember that you lose all your chances of achieving success of you quit in between after putting in so much effort to begin with.


Your true potential is within you. The earning potential is led by your positive attitude which paves the way for you to discover your niche. Once you have identified your niche and have started building on it, you can easily find your true earning potential.

Wish you All the Best in whatever niche you choose. You sure are to meet success by consistent efforts.

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Author: Rohit

I am Rohit- a content creator, blogger and an avid observer. My interest lies in helping people make money online. My research is based on legit ways to make money useful for students paying for tutions, retired seniors, housewives or anyone looking to build a stream of income from home.

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