How do People Make Money by Offering Free Ebooks?

How do people make money by offering free ebooks

Ebooks are more popular than paperback or hard copy. They have caught attention with easy reads on screen and wide availability. But ever wondered how do people make money by offering free ebook?

Ebooks can be self- published and do not have restrictions of minimum words or strict editorials. Though it is part of your market demand and must be worked upon. Creative covers can be created instantaneously using Amazon’s proprietary software or Canva.

It does take some effort in creating an ebook. However, it is a sea change from the time and effort expended in writing a “Real” book.

In effect, ebook has democratized book writing. This has become a popular stream for making passive income from home.

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These ebooks are sold online at a price to make an income. However, there are lot of free ebooks available on Amazon or people selling it on Instagram.

What is the use of selling ebooks for free after putting efforts in producing one?

Let us decipher the mystery behind selling free ebooks in this article.

How Do You Make Money from EBooks?

Making money from ebooks is as simple as selling one of your digital products online. The ebook has a list price which can be downloaded after making the payment. The most popular platform for selling ebooks is Amazon Kindle.

Before reaching out to answer our main question of how do people make money by offering free ebooks, let us understand how to make money from ebooks.
How do you make money selling ebooks

Ebooks have fast replaced the traditional book-space. They are well-adjusted to the fast life we are leading in this modern world. Smartphones are human shadows without which we are not able to complete life’s basic needs.

The convenience of reading on your smartphone anytime and anywhere has made EBook preside over traditional books. They are available over several EBook selling platforms at prices close to a Mac-chicken Burger!

With all these advantages, it easily satiated the thirst of curiosity. From the Customers viewpoint, it is both sale able and scalable.

When it comes to selling an ebook, it is far easier than selling a traditional book. It cuts down complex distribution channels but what is most important is that the Customers see a value in purchasing these ebooks online.

Selling an ebook therefore summarizes to having great concise content which satisfies the customer’s queries. This underlying selling proposition helps you set a price and sell your ebooks online.

How Can I Monetize my Ebook for free?

Monetization of ebook does not call for any investments or fees. Creating one might call for some investments in buying a cover design which might cost some money. Otherwise, all the ebook selling platforms allows free listing as does Amazon KDP.

The only investment you need to make in monetizing an ebook is in creating it. The cover design can be bought and formatting of ebook can be done using an outsourced service on Upworks or Fevrr.

However, all these task can be completed on your own completely free. Amazon KDP has its own platform to prepare creative cover design. Otherwise, free software or apps can be used to prepare a good cover design.

The only investment you need to make is to write or create great content. Even there, if you know your market, it will not very difficult to create great content.

Now, let me surprise you a bit here. The top trending ebooks on Amazon Kindle are the likes of Graph Books and Handwriting Books!

Is that some inspiration you were looking for?

Is Ebook Business Profitable?

Ebook Business is profitable in 2022. You can still make money selling ebooks. Though one needs to identify hard-selling niche areas to remain sure-shot profitable.

With the knowledge of ebook selling going widespread public, competition is on the rise. Still, the market is so huge that one can always find ways to sell ebooks.

There are cases when close friends reporting not making a single sale for couple of months. But, that happens everywhere whether it’s a YouTube Channel or a Blog. Some people will find it difficult to sell.

One has to pick up what is trending. It always takes talent to pick up knowledge on the way of growth. Dedication is what is expected in trying out various combinations. One ebook might not sell but adjust to the trend and you will see it sell through.

I can only assure you that ebook selling works. Differences in selling strategy might have made your task difficult. But there is ample number of testimonies available favoring a profitable market of ebooks.

Selling ebooks in some top Niches can fetch you few thousand dollars per month. But there is no standard answer to how much you can earn selling ebooks. This is only to give you an idea of its earning potential.

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Can You Make Money Off a Free Ebook?

There are two streams through which make an income in the ebook segment. One is direct sales and the other is traffic. Making money is possible off a free ebook by using it to get traffic to your affiliate link or site.

This is creating a funnel to lead to your affiliate link. This is a step of funnel marketing. Funnel marketing is a marketing strategy where you create multiple avenues for traffic acquisition and lead them to your affiliate link or products to sell.

Funnel creation is a key marketing strategy answering the question of how do people make money by offering free ebooks!

Selling ebooks for free utilizes the global reach of ebook selling platforms like Amazon KDP. The marketing of your ebook is done by Amazon themselves. This is a great lever in reaching a wider audience which would take a long time to build otherwise.

Other strategies of selling or rather distributing ebooks for free is like placing your advertisement in these books. People would be happy to receive this “gift” and turn into your marketing channel.


Ebooks are a great idea to generate passive income from home. Making money can be either direct sales or acquiring traffic which directs to your affiliate link or main product.

You can make money by distributing ebooks for free. In return, you create your marketing funnel which leads to sales or affiliate commission. Selling ebooks for free is a great way to earn affiliate commissions.

For your benefit, here is a link to my other article explaining how to enter affiliate marketing without having a website. Hope that you will find some context here.

To help you get started on ebooks sales on Amazon KDP, here’s a video from Paul Marles on 5 Steps to KDP Profits which you will find useful.

I hope this rescues you from the gloom of not making any headway making passive income from home. Do leave your comment in the comment box below if you agree. Your comments are a great source of inspiration to bring such passive income ideas to you.

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