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The Internet has opened a world of opportunities for online selling. It has made many online entrepreneurs of late. There is a huge earning potential though it requires quite an effort. But you are wondering how to sell online without a website?

Millions of products are sold over internet both actively and passively. Selling actively involves pushing for your own product while passively is to promote a product to make a sale in the back-end. Both active and passive online selling can be accomplished without having a website. Yes, that is true. You don’t need a website to sell online.

So what are the ways to sell online without having a website of your own? Internet Marketers do recommend having your own website which is your virtual real estate comparable to a brick-and-mortar store. That is a step-up from the traditional selling to online selling. That is how sellers are wired to push the products to prospective buyers. It works well in the online space well. But I can still reassure you that you don’t need a website for online selling. Let us see how.


Facebook has gained in popularity so much that it is difficult to imagine life without it. People update their status all the time. Young and Old are using this media alike. There are over 1.6 Billion Facebook user on the date of publishing this article. Doesn’t this vast user base answer your question of how to sell online without a website?

Not only the number of users Facebook has, it provides great features for online selling. One can create business pages to sell their products or join a community to connect. You are more likely to find customers as well as good suppliers there in case you are looking to source a product. You can promote your products organically by sharing it within your community or opt for paid ads. My personal experience has been that paid ads work best at Facebook compared to any other Social Media. Provide links to purchase your products and you are all set selling products without having a website of your own.

In addition, Instagram and Pinterest are also great place to sell online in the same way as done via Facebook. Pinterest and Instagram depend more on visual media and that is how they hold their prominent place against such competition as Facebook. They are still great medium to sell online and sometimes better than on Facebook.


Webinars are another solution to how to sell online without a website. It replaces the traditional way of educating people via staged seminars. These knowledge sharing sessions are a great way to engage your audience and convert them into returning customers. You get a chance to speak face-to-face with them in these sessions, answering their questions and gaining trust in the process.

But how do you market a Webinar? Typically, that is through an e-mail list you build. An invitation is sent via this list. The bigger the list, so is your reach. Social Media Ads are also a great way to send invites to your Webinar.

If you are able to pitch your subject correctly, Webinars are the best way to convert. Webinars package the selling cycle into one. First of all, the ones attending the Webinar are already interested in the subject and hence investing their time into such activity. They need to be shown the pros and cons of the product diligently. They can clear their doubts during the session itself. Once all doubts are cleared, they are more likely to take action and purchase the product than through any other means.

However, reaching out to your audience might prove tedious and building an e-mail list is no easy task. However, there are platforms available which help you in making an e-mail list and you are all set to sell online without having a website.

Online Mart

Another way of selling online without having a website is through the online marts. These still hold their place in the online space. They have a dedicated team to develop your product catalog and present it well on their websites. One can list as a business or an individual to sell products online.

The Online Marts are most suited to Business-to-business purchases or bulk purchases. They are seldom designed for specialized purchases or retail purchases. However, it is the most cost-effective way to sell online as there is a minimum monthly fees for all the services they offer.

However, their reach might be limited to a particular region or country where they are popularly used. That is the main limitation of selling on an Online Mart. However, it is a good place to start selling online without having a website.

E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce sites like Amazon and E-Bay and similar e-commerce sites are great places to sell online without having a website. They have their own promotional campaigns which helps online sellers to increase their sales volumes. Besides, they have added features like which product is trending and what the rates at which others are selling the product you are considering to sell.

However, the convenience of selling online on these e-commerce sites has made it extremely competitive to sell. You cannot charge more than the market price and sometimes lesser if you have to make a sale. Timely delivery is the essence of these e-commerce site. Hence, you need to maintain a minimum inventory level which might lock your capital.

Whatever be the limitation, it is very easy and sometimes fun to sell on e-commerce site. Approval is granted within a week on all the major e-commerce site. If you don’t own a website and still want to sell online, consider selling on these e-commerce sites. Choose a product which is trending and not which you wish to sell.


So you now have an insight of selling online even without having a website. There are pros and cons to any online business and so is with online selling without a website.

Hence, choose one for yourself if you want to sell online without going through the trouble of setting up and maintaining a website.

All the Best to You in You Online Selling Journey! Do leave your comment in the comment box below. Even a line would help others to have first-have experience from users of this article.

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