How to Start a Home Based Business Today

Home Based Business

Are you bored with your job and cannot take the constant nagging from your Boss? Or are you a sit-at-home Mom looking for an extra income? In either case, you are at the right place if you have ever thought of how to start a home based business today.

Traffic has increased all over the world and we spend most of the time on road. Commuting is the biggest time waster sucking up all our energy. The time and energy spent discounts a heavy amount of earnings we make in our day job. It cuts down on our leisure time and doesn’t allow much quality time with family. This is the first motivation you may have in starting a home based business.

The criteria for selecting a good home-based business is to replace your earnings from a regular job without many hassles. If you get into the same complications as a regular job and be stressed out, there is no use of a home based business. Hence, a home-based business must have a good earnings potential without bringing in the stress associated with a regular job.

Here we discuss some headache-free home based business which can be established quickly in a day’s time and even while you read this article.

MLM Marketing

Multi-level marketing has been in the market even before the time of Internet. People were selling products besides recruiting their down line. Thereby, they leveraged their earnings – not only from what they themselves sold but a portion of what their down line sold.

MLM is a good way to earn passive income. However, this might not always be home-based. But, I have included it here as you need to contact your friends and relatives to make a sale. In turn, your friends and relatives can become your down line without much effort. This is off course, if the product is great and replaces something of everyday use.

To be successful in MLM, you need to choose a great product. The big names in MLM might already be saturated but still hold potential. The catch here is that you might push a good product but pushing for recruitment as your down line will still require a lot of convincing. Many times, an inability to recruit your down line holds up your earning potential.

MLM is one of the options answering how to start a home based business today. Overall, MLM must be selected with caution. You need to assess your marketing skills before you choose it. Else, you might be disappointed in choosing MLM.

Drop Shipping

Drop-shipping is a concept where you book an order and get the product shipped directly to the buyer. Here, you need not worry about the shipping and logistics and can concentrate solely on booking orders. It works in the offline world and works pretty well in the online world.

The online world has seen a vast difference in the way drop-shipping has been adopted by more and more people. All you need is an online store or even can do without it. Just register yourself on your local classified advertisement page and start your selling. Off course, you need to tie up with good product suppliers. Remember, it is you whom the customer knows and all his angst will be directed towards you in case a bad product is delivered.

Online stores service providers have further eased the way dropshipping is managed. They provide an online store-front which is your Sales Pitch. You can add products here and promote them in your own specific way. Besides, these service providers have a back-end product manufacturer connect. They are usually verified by the Service Provider and hence pose lesser risk of a bad product. However, be sure to obtain samples yourself. Only then you will be confident enough to sell it out to prospective customers. Remember that sales returns can ruin any business and same is the case with Drop-Shipping. Hence, choose you product supplier after careful evaluation only.

Selling on E-Commerce Sites

This is one of the most convenient way of starting a home-based business. Large e-commerce sites like Amazon has paved the way for many home-based entrepreneurs. More and more people are fulfilling their dream on establishing their own home based business via these sites.

The time of delivery and the product quality are of prime importance when selling on E-commerce Sites like Amazon or for that matter, anywhere else. Hence, a minimum inventory level needs to be held even of this is a home based business. This requires some capital to be invested in carrying inventory. Choose a product which is trending. Do not try to sell product which you like but product which is liked by a majority of buyers out there.

The ease of doing business in this space has made the market extremely competitive. You can hope to make a decent revenue only if you are able to sell in a niche segment and in volume.

If you are wondering how to start a home-based business today, selling on Amazon is worth a try.


Freelancers were in vogue locally before the days of internet. Service providers were hired and are still being hired to complete sundry jobs sometime but more importantly to complete things where their skill lies. This reduces the cost of having an in-house resource all the time which is not needed.

Freelancing is trending in the Internet World. Today we hire cabs over mobile apps. We hire mechanics, plumbers and all kinds of service providers over mobile apps of over their websites. The internet has opened the doors for freelancers with specific skills besides making life convenient for all of us.

If you have a specific skill and you enjoy doing things in any particular niche, freelancing is for you. There is no long-term commitment for either side but works well where you make money and the buyer gets the service they want.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is to promote a product you like. When you book a sale, all the logistics is taken care by the product provider and you make a commission on the sale. It sounds quite similar to drop-shipping. The only difference being in the way a transaction occurs. In drop-shipping you are paid the full product cost and you pay a portion of it to the manufacturer. However, in Affiliate Marketing, you only make a commission and not paid directly by the buyer but by the product provider.

It is one of the most convenient way to start a home based business today. For being an Affiliate Marketer, you need to create content – on a website, on YouTube or a Webcast. You create content and help people solve their problems. Thereby, you recommend products as part of helping them.

Starting with Affiliate Marketing requires effort and patience. It matures over time but has great earning potential. You need to do what you love doing – creating content in your own niche area. There are millions of niches in the Internet space and you can choose on any niche or sub-niche.

My pick of starting a home based business today is Affiliate Marketing. It requires a minimal investment of few dollars to set-up your website and register your domain. This expense is anyway occurred in any other business. Otherwise, it is your own effort which drives the business without much of a worry whether the chosen product will sell or not in the home-based businesses described above.


You now have the ammunition to start a home based business today. And I recommend shedding all your prerogatives and start today.

In case, you chose to start as an Affiliate Marketer, read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start for any Affiliate Marketer.

Do leave your comments on the subject in the comment box below. Would love to hear your success stories here.

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