How to start Affilate Marketing for Beginners


How to Begin Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

One of the best ways to earn passive income from home is Affiliate Marketing. This is not a new business model but a known strategy employed by marketers since decades. In this article we discuss how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners.

After learning about Affiliate marketing, the primary question coming to mind is – Is Affiliate Marketing for me and will I make any money in it? How much time and effort would take for me to be successful in this business?

We answer them all here and help the reader make an informed choice before investing any time or effort in this business. Ultimately, the question of where do I begin will be answered for people looking for making passive income from home through this business model.

Affiliate marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and requires consistent effort and time. It takes time to mature as would any other business. It might be frustrating at the beginning where one might not get any significant results for quite long time. However, there are numerous examples of successful affiliate marketers. It is a legitimate business and does hold potentials of monetization and scalability.

Read on the article as you are definitely interested to earn passive income from home, if you have read this far!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business model practiced for long where you recommend a product or service. Sales are made directly at the merchant’s site and earn a commission on these sales. How to start Affiliate marketing business for beginners address this business model. Specifically, we discuss about the online affiliate marketing business where all these transactions happen on the internet. It is a thriving business world-wide and accounts for a multi-million dollar industry. The challenge is to find your own niche space here.

Unlike direct selling, it comes with no obligations about returns or refunds. That needs to be taken care by the merchant themselves. You only need to convince your followers to buy the product. Off course, that comes with a responsibility as your followers are your and they are buying a product because of your recommendations.

The first step, therefore, in online affiliate marketing is to generate good traffic to your content. You will need to create rich content for the search engines to take notice of your contents. Some search engine optimization or SEO techniques will have to be employed for this. Then, you will need to select products to recommend as per your content. Aligning this strategy ensures good traffic over a period.

Once you start getting consistently good traffic, it turns into passive income. However, time and effort needs to invested to create content to attract good traffic. That is by far the biggest investment you will need to make in this business model. A small amount of investment is also required to build a website and register your domain. There are ways though to take up Affiliate marketing without having a website. Please read my other article discussing this by clicking here.

Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube is flooded today with Content which is educational, skill based, fun and all kinds of subjects imaginable. This channel has made creating content a child’s job. In fact, the easiest answer to how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners in through YouTube.Starting a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is as simple as creating your Gmail ID. Take note that YouTube is a Google product and it is a question of a few clicks only to create a YouTube Channel if you have a Gmail account- In Fact, who doesn’t?

The best part about creating a YouTube Channel is that you do not require any special writing skills. Many of us do not venture into Affilate Marketing because they are suspicious of their own writing skills. Videos can shot using a smartphone and edited with so many available tools available. The best place to learn how to make YouTube videos is YouTube itself!

Content can be monetized if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view. Recommend your affiliate products and when people buy using your referral links, you are paid commission. You should have rich content to draw visitors to your Channel.

Be careful of what Content you are posting. It should not violate Google’s Policy. Else, you might be penalized and your Channel deleted forever. However, if you are posting with the intention of helping people, it is unlikely that your Channel will ever get penalized.

Learn today about creating YouTube videos using the free resources and become a YouTube Affiliate Marketer today.

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

For social media lovers, affiliate marketing becomes one of a passive business with followers already defined. In case, you have a substantial follower base be it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, you can easily change gear to affiliate marketing and start earning online. The earning come as a cherry topping with your enjoyment of being connected with people. You can just publish your own post directing your followers to your affiliate link on your website. Remember that direct publishing of affiliate links is not allowed on most of the social media platforms.

Social media is the best place to find Traffic and you can grow them with relevant posts. They go hand in hand with your website. They have to be used to create a funnel for visitors to reach your affiliate link and ultimately make a sale.

Your Blog- Your Own Space in Affiliate Marketing

A blog is a space on the internet where you can put all your contents. It is your own digital space just like a brick and mortar house or shop in the physical world. It is extremely easy to create blogs with well-known platforms like Blogger or WordPress. WordPress has many additional features to help in attracting visitors and monetizing your contents. You would then require hosting your blog websites with one of the likes of GoDaddy.

YouTube is not exactly your space and can be taken off for violations making you lose all your contents. But, that is not so with blogs. That is your space and can be taken off from a hosting platform but still remain yours. Besides, it is always a good idea to have a blog site backing up your YouTube Channel which gives it a structured look.

Once you are getting sufficiently good traffic to your website, you can embed affiliate link of the products you want to sell. This is the best entry model for revenue generation in online affiliate marketing business.

So go ahead and try writing out your first blog post in WordPress or Blogger today!


As you would now realize that Affiliate Marketing is something which can be taken up by anyone. Anyone who is interested to make passive income from home. Easy as it may sound, but it does take effort and time to learn and master the various facets of this business model. It does pay over a period if built consistently.

My recommendation is to join an Affiliate Marketing Platform which not only guides but handholds you through the process. The fear of entering an unknown business area is greatly reduced at these platforms. One of these Affiliate Marketing Platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

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