How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business for Free


Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest business in the online space. It is a business model based on earning commissions by promoting other’s products. Though not a get-rich-quick scheme, it requires a determination and constant effort to establish. But how to start Affiliate Marketing Business for free?

A quick research on Quora reveals that there are a number of successful affiliates have minted fortune in this space. Star Affiliate Marketers make millions every year or maybe every month constantly. However, a vast majority of Affiliate Marketers are making up to $500 per month which is not bad given the minimal amount of investment required to establish this business.

We here discuss the way in which one can start an affiliate marketing business for free. Though free to establish, one needs to put in their best efforts to establish and promote the business to make any significant amount from this business. Now let us look into the details of how to do that.

The Internet Space has Opportunities for Everyone

Right from Facebook to Twitter, Internet has created space for everyone. The Internet coupled with ever-increasing smartphone usage is dominating the way business has become “Centreless”. It is the age where whoever chooses to put in effort the right way, gets his dues paid. Thus, now it gets more interesting to know how to start Affiliate Marketing business for free in this Internet-connected World.

The world has become much more reachable – whether it be the Americas, Europe or Africa. The audience reach is wherever the internet connectivity is present. There is a burst in sales market where you are not limited to just being local. Indeed, if it is an educational product, you can market it anywhere with easy deliverable.

In the back-end, payment options have increased multi-fold. A number of payment gateways helping you in accepting money online while working for you to prevent fraud has made online businesses a cake-walk.

However, it still requires a desire to excel in this field. Constant effort is required to keep your audience engaged. It might look too easy but still requires time and effort to learn things. There are a number of scammers out there. If, you are unaware then you might be struck with dire consequences making you lose trust in any online business.

Affiliate Marketing Business is a Risk Free Business

The risks involved with any traditional business is immense. You tend to lose on preparatory costs if first sales is delayed, you lose when the Return of Investments is long, you lose if your Brand takes a hit in any freak bad-quality product – the list is endless. Besides, there are regulatory risks and risks specific to a country which keeps any traditional entrepreneur on their toes at all times.

It is noteworthy that Affiliate Marketing Business is free of all such traditional risks!

My statement stems from the fact considering the following:

– The initial investment is quite low in an Affiliate Marketing Business. Yes, I said “quite low” without deviating from the fact that there are ways and means to start an Affiliate Marketing Business for free.

– You do not really lose fortunes even of the Return of Investments is longer than expected. Say, if you expect a return in 6-months and the period has prolonged to a year-what do you lose? Nothing really except the cost of maintaining your Domain name.

– You are not selling any product and hence do not face the liability of sales tax which is complicated in any foreign land. You only earn a commission and liable for your own income tax in your own country. Though am not an expert in Taxes, but this is what I have understood working in the Affiliate Marketing space. Though would always recommend consulting a tax consultant thorough in this subject before embarking on this journey.

– Your brand is your content. Nobody can take anything away from you on that part. Hence, your brand is created not by the products you sell but what your promote. Hence, choosing the right product to promote is critical to your brand. Any sales returns would lower only your commission but still won’t hit you as hard as sales returns does in a traditional business.

– Working from the place of your choice is what you cannot afford in a traditional business. You are tied to a place there limiting your reach. But, not so in Affiliate Marketing. One can continue promoting products, creating content at the place and time of your liking.

So, are you now loving the online Affiliate Marketing Business?

Can you Really Start a Business for Free?

My answer is a big NO.

Well that is what I heard from your mind. I know that it is difficult to imagine starting any business for free. It always involves a capital cost which is massive in any traditional business. Besides, the preoperative costs might go beyond the budget if your market reading has varied by even a small amount.

This is also true of an Online Affiliate Marketing Business. There is a cost involved in setting up the business. This might go out of proportion if one is completely new to it.

The costs involved in setting up an online Affiliate Marketing Business is as follows:

– Registering your domain name.

– Setting up a website. This might be free on some platforms but if you attempt to get it done in case you are not that tech-savvy, it will involve shelling out some money.

– Finding a hosting service.

– After the initial set-up, you will need to buy Ads to market your content.

All the above can be counted in initial business set-up costs. However, there is a reputable platform where you can start your online business without spending a penny!

This Platform is Wealthy Affiliates. It is completely free to join. Please read my review of Wealthy Affiliates here to know more.

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

I have mostly highlighted the Pros of the Affiliate Marketing and hence will cover the Cos here.


– There are many scammers in this space. So be careful of what you choose.

– It generally takes a long time to mature. Patience is the key here.

– The earnings are of your choosing of the product. You make a good revenue if you are promoting the right product.

– Creating content does take effort. This content must be of quality and engaging. This is an art which needs to be mastered.


We know now the advantages of setting up an online Affiliate Marketing Business. My review of Wealthy Affiliate also states how one can set-up this business for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Go head and set up you online affiliate marketing business for free.

Do not forget to confirm setting up your business as “YES” or “NO” in the comment box below.

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