How to Start Blogging for Beginners

Do you want to earn full time sitting anywhere away from the daily commute and without meeting people bossing around? Well then, you need to generate passive income full stop. How to start blogging for beginners addresses the step after this full stop.

How to Start Blogging for beginners

So what is passive income?

Passive Income is when you make recurrent income without putting an everyday effort to earn it. That can be a rental earning on Real Estate, an Annuity Fund or Royalty. In the online business, affiliate business is one source of passive income where your digital space is used to promote products making you earn life-long income.

Passive income differs from active income where you earn in return of the time you put in the activity. A regular job, self employment like that of Doctors or a business are all termed as active income. Once you no longer spent time on the activity you lose your earning. One cannot make a direct income without continuing to spend time on the activity.

One of the most popular ways to earn passive income is via a Blog. Blogging is both for business and fun. It gives you an outlet to express yourself. A blog brings informative material for the reader. A Blogger satiated this hunger for information besides earning from this effort. You create reader trust I’m what you write in a blog. They buy products on your recommendations.

Finding Your Niche

Do you require any qualifications or skills to blog? Well, you need to know typing on a keyboard and a passion for writing. Remember, an interest to write on various topics is a must without which you will simply find blogging an uphill task. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write perfectly or are a non-native language writer. Proper training, observation and working on your writing will always improve over time.

So, what topics should you write on?Niche

People are prone to give up on starting to blog when this question goes unanswered. My simple answer is to observe your surroundings closely. See if the food you eat, restaurants you visit, sports you play, music you hear, place where you live might be interesting for someone not in your place. Would any information on that satiate a reader’s desire of information they may be looking for?

Google the topic you observe in your surrounding or have knowledge about. See what is it that people are searching about. What kind of information are they looking. They could be looking for cheap shoes’ outlet in your neighborhood to whether there is a sporting center at the place you live.

Researching for your niche is a great fun activity. I challenge you to write down five niche areas in which you are knowledgeable about in the comment box below. You may like to refer my other article on Niches in the Online Market by clicking here.

Keyword Research

What I’d a keyword? You will more often come across this word once you start blogging. The headline of this article How to Start Blogging for beginners is a keyword in this article. It is this term through which search engines will locate your blog. These keywords can be a single word or a chain of words.

Having a long chain keyword helps you to rank higher in search engine listing. In this vast internet space, there will be severe competition for the top-level keyword. In my example, a keyword like Blog will have severe competition and it is difficult for new blog to rank anywhere in the first page of the search engines. But a long chain keyword will have lesser competition and the blog can rank higher getting noticed more easily.

There are tools available for keyword research and one of them is JAAXY where the trial version is available free of cost when you join the Affiliate Marketing Platform called Wealthy Affiliates. Read my review about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here. Keyword Research can also be done on using Google.

I challenge you to write five keywords each for the five Niches you have chosen above in the comment box below.

Blogger or WordPress?

When I started blogging few years back, I chose Blogger. It is good online platform from Google and does not call for separate hosting. You don’t have to invest a single penny for trying out. Setting up a blog on Blogger is as easy as setting up your e-mail account.

Though Blogger is good for trying out, it does not give you your own domain. You are assigned a sub-domain which is a shared space not owned by you. You will need to register your domain if you are planning to blog seriously and have your own digital identity. This calls for some investment in the range of $10 to $255 at any of the domain registration platform.

If you are prepared to shell out this amount, this proves that you want to pursue Blogging seriously. In that case, choose WordPress which is the platform of choice for serious Bloggers. It has many friendly features to make your blog look professional and easy to manage. There are plug-ins to add for enhanced reach of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Successful blogging calls for creating good content for your blog. A good content should be easily tracked by the Search Engines and thereby generate traffic. Therefore, you need have a basic understanding of how to make the search engines look at your content.SEO

Search Engine will only notice your blog post if it finds it useful for its audience. It means that the content should be unique and free of plagiarism. It must be of appropriate length of at least 1000 words and it must have the main keyword occurring sparsely. Too many repetitions of keyword is identified by the search engines and noted as spam. Active voice is preferred over passive voice and use of shorter but more number of paragraphs helps the search engines in location your posts.

Some of these tips are fundamental to search engine optimization. There are SEO writing templates which helps in creating SEO rich articles.

So, there is not much to worry. You will catch up on creating SEO rich content for your blog as you mature into blogging.

Google Analytics

Once you publish your blog, the greatest pleasure is to see people reading it. Google Analytics is one such tool freely available on Google Platform which helps you see a blog performance.Google Analytics

Bloggers can see their target market-geographical location gender, age-group, device type to access blog etc. This gives an insight of where your target market is. It reveals the population for which you need to focus your content on.

Google Analytics reports the traffic coming to your Blog. It also reveals if your social media postings brings more traffic or just organic search on Google. It is a quite useful tool for all serious bloggers.

Ways to Monetize a Blog

Now comes the most interesting topic for which you all have been waiting for! How to start blogging for beginners is incomplete without addressing monetizing your blog.Monetizing Your Blog

There are surely good returns for serious Bloggers. It might take time and patience to build your blog and generate traffic, but the efforts are worth it. Blogs with 70 to 100 unique quality posts who have established their authority with Search Engines, can generate good income in the range of $500 per month. Earnings would depend on the popularity of the posts and how good traffic it attracts.

Earning from Blogs can be made in two ways. First is via Ads and the most popular one is Google Adsense. The second method is via plugging affiliate links. In this method, you earn a commission when someone clicks the affiliate link in your blog and makes a purchase. To read more about Affiliate marketing read my other article by clicking here.


The best part of blogging is that it gives an avenue to writing enthusiasts and you start enjoying your journey as your blog matures. You get engulfed with helping people with information and in the process you gain more knowledge. This is a must-do for all who are infested with a spirit of inquiry.

Besides, blogging is a great business model and has made millionaire out of it. Though putting that same time and effort might not be possible for everybody. However, it is very much possible to earn a decent income from your blog. You may have to put good effort in building this business but it will return good dividends with passage of time.

In case you are serious about building your passive income stream via blogging, do read my article on Wealthy Affiliate with the link provided above.

I try to bring ideas where you can start making passive income from the comfort of your home. I hope that you liked this article and will surely benefit from it. If you have chosen to blog, do leave the link to your blogs ite in the comment box below and I would be happy to review and leave my comments there.

Happy Blogging!

Author: Rohit

I am Rohit- a content creator, blogger and an avid observer. My interest lies in helping people make money online. My research is based on legit ways to make money useful for students paying for tutions, retired seniors, housewives or anyone looking to build a stream of income from home.

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  1. Blogging is a great communication medium and provides a great opportunity to get started in online business. The pertinent topics are well covered in this blog post.

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  3. Awesome! Love how your helping people with their blogging! It’s going to be a huge industry, and the future belongs to creators, and for websites like this one to be helping others become successful, is so awesome! I hope the best for the customers and for the successful future of this website/organization, hope that the rest of 2022 will be amazing!

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