Niches in the Internet Space

Finding You Niche

The most intriguing question for an Affiiate Marketer is to find their niches in the internet space. This article serves a guide on how to go about choosing your niche. A niche which you like and work comfortably to roll out content over years to come.

I was at a complete loss of thoughts in choosing my niche when I was starting out as an Affiliate Marketer. That is the feeling which normally pushes you to opt out of this great opportunity. It is overwhelming for many and you are not alone when your mind seems to be lost in choosing a niche. A careful consideration is required but I can assure your that it is not too complicated.

Choosing a niche needs to stimulate your mind and a mind-map works well to help you choose. There are millions of niches and you surely will find one close to your heart. Just remember, that you need not be an expert in the particular niche but if you love it, one day you will be!

Popular Niches in the Internet Space

A quick research on Google reveals the following popular niches:

  • The Tech Niche
  • The Health Niche
  • Make Money Online Niche
  • Love and Relationship Niche
  • Personal Finance Niche
  • Pet Care Niche
  • Movie and Music Niche
  • Travel Niche
  • Life Coaching Niche
  • Self Improvement Niche

Whoa! These are only the top niches. I am sure your are already getting an idea of what to target. Under each of these niches there are a number of sub-niches. A Pet Care Niche can easily translate into “Best Food for Cats” and so on. A brainstorming for sub-niches using this list of popular niches will throw ideas for what would you like to choose as your niche.

At least one sub-niche is sure to hit you close where you feel you can build upon at least some of them. The idea is to keep only one niche to work upon and leave the other million aside. That brings in focus and ability to go in-depth in researching the topic which you choose. Once you are “into” it, contents will keep coming naturally. You will be able to build more content over the foundation you create and eventually add over it. This is great about sticking to one niche you choose.

Choosing Trending Niches

Niches should be chosen which is going to be accepted by your customers. Else, the efforts put in creating content will not be returning good results. Hence, do your research carefully before choosing a niche. The popular niches in the Internet space are time relevant yet engaging.

Use the search engines to research what is trending:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing

Research on the market you intend to serve by category:

  1. Demography
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Locality
  5. Climate
  6. Work Conditions

There is ample information on the internet to help you choose for whom are you going to create content. Investing initial time to research your niche market ha long term benefits. This is just like any other business – traditional or online. Your success depends on the market research data. Imagine if the Market Research data is incorrect. Many businesses fail due to this primary reason. Not researching Market Data is the most common mistake made by failed entrepreneurs.

Though, choosing your niche from one of trending niche is a sure-shot way of success. However, don’t be disheartened if you choose one of the niche which is not trending. If you choose a topic with a strong engagement quotient, it is will still work. Just remember that nobody knew Google, SpaceX or Apple half a century back!

Mind-Map- A Tool for Choosing Niche

The Best way to narrow down on your niche is a Mind-Map template. A Mind-Map is a simple tool to use and can even be created using Excel. The first column is populated with the broad idea of trending niches gathered from Internet. This is further drilled down creating one sub-niche after another under the particular niche.

Here is an example of a Mond-Map created for choosing a niche:

Mind Map

A Mind-Map is template as simple as the above. There are many templates available online which are easy to adjust. The Mind Map is created around a Central theme. “Finding Your Niche” is a Central Theme is this particular example. Then ideas are brainstormed outwards with branches and sub-branches created around the Central Theme. A niche can have several sub-niches which is entirely up to your imagination to create such a sub-niche.

In this example, “Make Money Online Without a Website” is a sub-niche which can be picked up as your own niche. This is only an example to illustrate how to find your niche. It can be further drilled down to say ” Make Money Online Without a Website using YouTube” – maybe this become your niche where you create the initial contents.

Consistency with Your Niche

The most important thing about selecting your Niche is to be consistent with it. You may choose to invest sometime to select a Niche but stick to it when selected. Think that this is the only topic you know without deviation. Do not look at any other topic for content creation whether it is working or not. Imagine that this particular Niche to stick with you life-long. Your identity must merge with this Niche.

However, if you feel that after ample amount of time like a year or so, your chosen Niche doesn’t work for you, choose another. But, I still recommend to stick with only one Niche. This strategy will help you become an expert in the subject. You would be identified as an Authority on the subject and the readers will be compelled to come back to your content time and again.


Choosing a Niche might look intimidating in the beginning but it is not. There are millions of Niche out there and it will not be difficult to find one for yourself. Using Mind-Map templates helps in brainstorming ideas and narrow down on your Niche.

So just go ahead and choose your Niche. Leave your Niche of choice in the comment box below.

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