Top Selling EBook Niches

Top Selling EBook Niches

Continuing from my article on how to write and sell an ebook, we know that selling ebooks is a good source of earning passive income. The first thing to consider when conducting a market survey in this business segment is to know what are the top selling ebook Niches?

Conducting research of your target market is of utmost importance in any business and an online business is no exception. You need all the data to visualize for whom are you planning your offering. The geographical location, gender, culture, education, family relations all are parameters to understand in a typical market survey.

The online tools are great resource to conduct this survey. Ebook selling platforms like Amazon KDP themselves will reveal this to you if carefully examined.

Finding a target audience gives you a clear target of your content. You are able to focus more on the content creation part with the selling part getting easier. Rightly, if you are working to fulfill demand of a certain section, you will have no dearth of Buyers.

Selecting a target market also helps you in selecting your niche. Any niche will sell if there is a demand for it. Any attempt to push through your niche in a no-demand market will only bring frustration.

In this article, we discuss the various trending Niches in the ebook market.

What are the Best Selling EBook Topics?

A quick check on Kindle Ranker lists the best-selling ebook Topics as:

1. Literature and Fiction

2. Romance

3. Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

4. Textbooks

5. Computers and Technology

6. Engineering and Transportation

7. Business and Money

The above Topics have a median sales volume of over $75,000.00!

Sub-niches within the main Topics are listed and a careful examination of the same will pinpoint the exact sub-niche you can pick for a profitable ebook selling business.

From the above Best Selling Topics list, one gets a fairly good idea of the trending Niches. A closer drill-down will reveal what you could offer as an ebook.

What are Good Topics to Write an EBook on?

Few good topics to write an ebook on and make decent earnings are:

1. Handwriting Books
What are Good Topics to write an EBook

2. Graph Books

3. Nursery Books for Children

4. Joke Books

5. Daily Motivation Books

The above are not highly priced item but do sell in good quantity. Moreover, it doesn’t take a huge effort to produce them.

Formatting these ebooks is easy and when supported by a cover design, sells in tons!

You can also opt for printed version which also sells and is quite a popular category on Amazon. The print versions are not even penny-prized. Their market price ranges from $5.99 to $12.99!

What EBooks Make the Most Money?

Literature and Fiction genre ebooks tops the charts in making money. This genre has been the most popular that Amazon Kindle and the market share exceeds that of any other genre. This is followed by Romance and Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense. These three genres capture the maximum business volume in the ebook market today.

One catch here is between high prices and high volume. A book priced at $2.99 each would need 20 sales to match the sales of an ebook priced $59.99!

Therefore, you need to select the market carefully to make a reasonable sale. Understanding the market behavior is the key to success in this business – heard that before in other businesses as well?

A word of caution is that sometimes even if you do everything right, your ebook might just sit there. Sales is dependent on the Buyer behavior and it can bring a sale anytime. This is a business risk this model carries with it but again any entrepreneur looks at a business with the opportunity it provides worrying less about the risk!

What is the Best Way to Sell an EBook?

The best way to sell an ebook is over Amazon KDP. Though high in competition, it provides a number of convenient features like marketing your ebooks. Given its global reach, your ebooks has a higher probability of selling on Amazon KDP.

Other popular ebook selling platforms include,
What is the Best Way to Sell an Ebook

1. Barnes and Nobles Press

2. Apple Books

3. Blurb

4. Payhip

5. Sellfy

6. Podia

7. SendOwl and many more.

The other good way of selling ebooks is via your own website or social media channels. Ebooks Selling will come handy if you have a large following on any of the social media channels.

Amazon KDP is by far the most popular channel to sell ebooks. My recommendation is to start selling on Amazon KDP if you are just starting out. The key considerations later will be the royalty given on these platforms versus their reach and thereby probability of sales.

Amazon provides a 35% royalty on low priced ebooks and 70% royalty on ebooks priced over $2.99 subject to certain other conditions which you will find when you join Amazon KDP.

How Do I Find my EBook Niche?

Your ebook niche is the genre in which you are confident of creating content and where there is a Buyer demand. The top selling genre list gives you an idea of where to look for your niche. These genres have such wide coverage that you are more likely to choose from one of the best-selling genres.

Sub-niches are important. Drill down a niche to further sub-niche and further down until you find a specific area where you can create content.

Romance could be the top-level genre. A sub-niche could be romance in mid-age. A further sub-niche could be romance in mid-age in foreign land. This example illustrates that finding Your specific niche is limited only by your imagination.

Don’t get disheartened if your area of expertise is not on the best-seller list. Here, I don’t see sports as one of the two selling genres. There, you can always go ahead and wait for market creation in your niche or use cross- niche.

For those of you who have read “Tom Brown’s School Days”, there was plenty of cross-country running for Tom- that might drop a hint for sports in literature!

You may also find it useful to read my article on Niches in the Internet Space here.


As we have seen, the top selling ebook Niches are:

– Literature and Fiction

– Romance

– Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

– Textbooks

– Computers and Technology

– Engineering and Transportation

– Business and Money

These top selling ebook Niches gives you an idea of how your market will be in your own niche. This list had been drawn from Kindle Rank Tracker and are the best-selling Niches on Amazon KDP.

Amazon KDP is by far the most popular platform selling ebooks. There are other options available including selling on your own website, YouTube Channel or your Social Media Channels.

I want to reward you reader with a video on Hot KDP Niche which I am sure would inspire you to take action.

Do leave your comments in the comment box below and bookmark this website to read more articles to learn about earning passive income at home.

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