What is Low Content Publishing?

What is Low Content Publishing

My earlier articles made clear than selling ebooks is a good way of earning passive income at home. It also discussed how to go about selecting your niche to sell ebooks. In this article, we will address the question- What is Low Content Publishing?

The best -selling niches on Amazon Kindle are not much different from those sold as paperback. We can easily understand this logic looking at the list of best-selling genres from my earlier article on best-selling ebook Niches.

Low Content or zero content books are extremely easy to produce and are very popular selling channel on Amazon KDP. The journal, graph, coloring or handwriting Books are Low Content Books and sell quite well making decent passive income for the seller.

In case your are considering selling ebooks, Low Content Books would be the easiest to begin with. Though high in competition, it still has the potential of making money.

We decipher the intent behind low content publishing in this article and how your can adopt it to start selling a low content book today!

What is Low Content Publishing on Amazon?

Low Content Publishing on Amazon consists of outline books with no or minimal content. These books are meant to be filled by the Buyer after buying. Some examples of low Content books are graph Books, children number tracing books or a coloring book.

Low Content Books are sold in paperback format. They are books in demand and some of them even sells at a premium.

The Low Content book cab be sold without an ISBN. Amazon automatically assigns one to each of its Low Content book but they cannot be used on any other ebook platform.

Given the wide market it commands, competition is not a concern in this space. A Low Content book will make a sale if your can design an attractive cover and interiors. Off course, your need to know your market and select your niche.

My earlier article on Top Selling EBook Niches will help your to determine your own niche.

What is Considered Low Content?

A book formatted as a note taking form is considered a low content book. Typical examples of low Content books are:

1. Coloring Books

2. Graph Books

3. Number Tracing Books

4. Alphabet Tracing Books

5. Recipe Journals

6. Event Calendar Books

7. Travel Journals

All these books have repetitive interiors and therefore much easier to produce. A paperback version of such low Content books are much in demand and has the potential of earning some passive income.

At times, low Content books make for a great gift on special occasion. Say, a Recipe Journal Book would be a great gift on Mother’s Day!

Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?

Low Content Publishing is profitable in today’s ebook selling market. Low Content Books have carved out a specific market for itself which is complementary to the main market of best-selling niches in ebook space.

Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?
Is Low Content Publishing Profitable?

Expecting a magical profit is highly immature. Be prepared if your low content book sits on the e-shelf for couple of months!

The best way to sell a low content book is to utilize the various special occasions all round the year. Occasions like Mothers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day all have potential to kick-start your sale and make as much money to compensate your for your long wait!

A word of advice here is not to price your book too low expecting quick sales. Keep it reasonable because the sale will happen when it has to happen.

How do I Make and Sell Low Content Books?

Making a low content book involves designing an attractive cover and a one-page interior. The interior should have lines and defined spaces for taking notes on paperback. This interior is repeated over to create a complete ebook.

Canva is good software to design ebook cover. An ebook cover is probably the most important selling point. Take some time to design it or if your are doing it for the first time, hire an experienced hand.

The interiors can be made on MS Word or Canva. Canva being my choice as it has lot of design features in-build. Make a beautifully yet simple page. Copy and paste this over to about 120 pages. Save as.PDF and your are good to go.

Create an Amazon KDP account and move over to low content book. Create your book in paperback and upload your manuscript. Upload your design and fill out the other details like pricing.

Your first e-book is ready and up for sale as soon as Amazon KDP approves it.

To make the process simpler, here is the link to the video on Creating your First KDP Journal. Play it, pause it , rewind it and try out creating your first low content book. I am sure your will enjoy making one!


In this article we learned what is Low Content Publishing. Low Content books are with nil or minimal content. Graph Books, coloring books or journals are examples of low Content books.

Low Content books are good business to start with in the ebook selling segment. They are easy to produce and have a good demand in market for the paperback version.

Probability of low Content books is assured if it sells. Create a low content book with a seasonal theme and that will have a greater probability of making sale. Do not price it low in an attempt to make a sale, instead focus on quality cover and interiors.

Canva is the tool of choice for making the ebook cover. Interiors are simpler and can be made in Canva or even Microsoft Word and converted to PDF. Upload the PDF and the cover to complete making your low content ebook.

Create an account on Kindle and head over to create a low content book in paperback. Fill the details and on Amazon approval your ebook would be live for selling.

Hope that your would take the first steps and publish at least one low content book on Amazon KDP today!

I Wish your All the Best for taking your first step in earning passive income at home.Here is the link of my other article on how to write and sell an ebook.

Do leave your comment in the comment box below and bookmark this page to return and read more articles on building passive income at home.

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