What is PLR EBOOK?

Ebooks making and selling is a good source of earning passive income at home. In this segment, we often come across the term PLR Books. In this article, I will answer the question on what is PLR EBOOK?

Earlier articles in this series discussed ebook making and publishing. We also learned which are the 7 Popular Ebooks Selling Platforms.

With this knowledge, you would still be thinking about how to create content?

People with good writing abilities would not be bothered with this question. However, it is understood that this skill takes quote an effort.

Similarly, any kind of content creation is not easy as you read over internet. Sometimes, it takes a special knack to develop those skills.

Ready to give up already?

Wait, learn about PLR Books which could come to your rescue! Let’s discuss what is PLR Book and how does it fit into the ebook Selling Business Model.

What Does PLR EBOOK Mean?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights are PLR Books can be legally sold as you being the copyright holder. It is completely legal to sell PLR Books to be sold under your label or brand.
What does PLR EBook Mean?

However, since PLR Books are available to be downloaded in Public Domain, you need to adapt it to your brand to make a unique offering in the market. Many people would have downloaded such PLR Books and adapting it is the only way to make it unique.

In short, PLR EBooks are completely legal to sell and comes as a great resource for people wanting to venture out in the ebook market. It overcomes the handicap or fear of content creation.

PLR EBooks needs to be re-packaged with an attractive cover which will sell. The interiors will need modifications to suit your style and to include your website of affiliate links as the case may be.

Adapting a PLR ebook still calls for ingenuity but takes the pressure off from creating your content all by yourself!

Articles, videos, websites, audios, graphics, cheat sheets etc can also be PLR Content and can be sold under your own brand name.

What are PLR Websites?

PLR Websites enable downloading of PLR content. This downloaded content is legally viable to sell as your own content without copyright violation. Some of these websites are free to use while some charge a membership fees for subscription.

My recommendation for the 5 top free PLR Websites are,

1. PLRDatabase.net

2. PLRFreeOnline

3. PLRMines.com

4. Free PLR Downloads

5. BuyQualityPLR

However, there are number of quality content rich paid subscription sites on the internet. You can consider subscribing to them if your niche demands it. Also, you must consider paid subscription for quality content.

Downloading for free is absolutely the right strategy when you are just beginning. It is the best way to start creating content today!

Can You Resell MRR?

MRR or Master Resell Rights Contents allows you to Resell the content, as well as pass on the Resell License to your Customers. So, MRR Content can be resold without violating any copyrights.

There are three terms used in this space,

  • RR or Resell Rights
  • MRR or Master Resell Rights and
  • Giveaway Rights

RR allows only to Resell the content without passing on the Resell rights to your Customers. There is a difference here from MRR where you can pass on even the Resell rights to your Customers.

Giveaway Rights allows you to pass the content to your Customers for free without changing the content. You are neither allowed to pass on Resell rights to your Customers in this case.

Can I Sell PLR EBooks?

PLR EBooks can be sold legally and without violating any copyrights. You have full rights to use PLR Content as you please to sell or to give away for free.
Can I Sell PLR Ebooks?

Selling PLR EBooks can prove to be a good business model if you are good at re-packaging and selling it.

Stuck again on selling? I heard you think aloud that selling was for Amazon!

Yes, Amazon has a great marketing network where your Customers come to your ebooks not the other way round. But, you still need to select keywords to lead the Customers to your ebook. That is where the sales part comes in.

The general ranting on PLR Content is that it has made market competitive. But my take is that the market is still wide and ample opportunity exists for a thriving business.

How do I Sell my PLR EBOOKS on Amazon KDP?

Selling your PLR ebook is not different from selling an ebook created by you. Amazon KDP allows publishing and sales of PLR EBooks as it does not flout any copyright and is legal to sell.

A PLR EBooks provides you content over which you have legal rights to sell. You need to re-package it with your own brand. Interiors might call for little tweaking to include your information and probably few changes to suit your brand.

That’s all it takes to sell a PLR ebook on Amazon KDP.

Here, it would be interesting to read through my article on 7 Best Ebooks Selling Platforms to consider selling on other ebook platforms too!


PLR EBooks come with Private Label Rights. You can sell them or give away for free without breaking any laws. It is a great way to sell ebooks if you are unable to create original content yourself.

Articles, videos, audio books can all be PLR Content. Some websites to look for free PLR contents are:

– PLRDatabase.net

– PLRFreeOnline

– PLRMines.com

– Free PLR Downloads

– BuyQualityPLR

There are other PLR Websites which calls for a subscription fees too. You might like to consider them when looking for quality content.

MRR, RR and Giveaway Rights are other restrictive licenses in this area. You have full legal rights to sell a MRR Content.

You can sell your PLR ebook on Amazon Kindle like any other book. Publishing a PLR ebook calls for re-packaging though. You will need to create a nice book cover and modify the interior to suit your brand.

I hope this article lifts your spirit of earning passive income by selling ebooks.

As a bonus to my readers, here is a link to the detailed video on best PLR Websites discussing the pros and cons and how to go about it.

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